Persuasive Letter for Fundraising Support

01 April 2020

Rick Hansen Institute,

Blusson Spinal Cord Centre

0000-777 West 10th Avenue,

Vancouver BC.

Dear B.B.,

Re: Request for support in an upcoming fundraising for children living with SCI Have you ever offered your support and assistance to a person that you felt that he/she rightfully required it? I know you felt like you have changed the entire world. Isn’t it? This is how I felt when my charity organization, The People Foundation, did good to support an old-aged woman, Ruth. Ruth has had paralysis for more than 3 years.

I came into contact with Ruth through her 16 year-old grand-daughter, Abi, who upon learning about The People Foundation did not hesitate to contact us. According to Abi, Ruth had an accident on August, 2014 that caused damage to her spinal-cord leading to her paralysis. However, due to lack of funds she could not get special treatment. Through my charity organization, I managed to offer financial and moral support to Ruth, who acquired special treatment with the support of your institute too. Thus, I take this opportunity to thank you for your previous contributions.

As such, I am writing to request your support in an upcoming fundraising for young children living with spinal-cord related health conditions. I am aware of the numerous contributions that you have made to individuals from the marginalized groups. On the other hand, you and I understand that spinal cord injury (SCI) has devastating effect on the health and well-being not only to the infected, but also to their friends and family. The treatment and curative procedures for SCI are very complex and require highly specialized care leading to substantial financial costs to the family and the government. As such, we cannot leave this in the hands of these groups only - they equally require our support.

Ruth’s scenario is just one case of the numerous ways of how my charity organization has transformed lives of many people with diverse needs. In my upcoming fundraising event, we hope to raise an amount of $15,000 to support five children all suffering from SCI conditions. These funds we plan to commit to both physical and therapeutic treatment of these children as well as for the support of their families. Moreover, the family members require training on home nursing for their relatives suffering from SCI. I have, so far, with the support of the staff members of The People Foundation and other stakeholders, managed to raise an amount of $7000. As such, your donation of $3000 will ensure that these children receive specialized treatment and a significant improvement of the living standard of their families. Its reassuring that these children have not reached the stage of paralysis, and thus their present condition is recoverable. However, if you and I, and all other well-wishers do not take prompt actions, we may have to deal with more serious and complex conditions than the existing ones. On the other hand, some of these children are currently not receiving any formal education. As such, we are also planning on how to support them with their academics. I am confident that, your contribution will also play a crucial role towards your vision of “a world without paralysis after spinal cord injury.”

In the light of the above, I thank you for preparation to support my charity organization in this course of assisting the vulnerable among us. Your contribution is paramount important because it will help to reduce the financial burden of the families of these children, ensure their healing and education. Also, it will propagate and reinforce your mission of prevention of paralysis caused by SCI conditions. On the other hand, our collective role in this course for those living with SCI will promote the values of social responsibility.






Persuasive Business Letter Example (Copier Machine Repair Services)

7777 Pali Highway #77

Honolulu, HI 7777


777 Stratham Rd.

Freeport, AL 77777

Dear Mr.S,

Has anyone ever cared to assist you whenever you were in dire need? How did it make you think? Getting the right services at the right price is a greater way of saving more resources for your business future needs. In the case you had a way of saving money whenever servicing copiers for your printing business, it means that you would be having increased profit margins. This change is better for your business growth in respect to increased production. I have in many occasions saved money whenever servicing some of my business equipment at the right places; and can tell you for a fact that there are a lot of benefits attributed to it. Thus, I am writing to you in order to discuss your future need for repairing and improving your copiers with us and the way, in which your business might benefit from this cooperation. Kindly note that in choosing to embark on our repairing and improvement services for the copier machines you will be able to enjoy a great deal of benefits. First benefit is the differential discounts that depend on the exact time of payment. Second, you will enjoy an extensive two-year warranty period for all machines improved upon. Normally, the warranty period is guaranteed only for a year, but we offer extended warranty. Third, you will also enjoy numerous after-sale services that might involve extensive repairs, hence saving you money. It will therefore be of great importance to you and the business to order the services from us, since the aforementioned deals are beneficial for your company. We offer numerous repair and improvement services for copiers; however, for your business I will advise that the repairs to be done on the Sappy 400 models. These copiers are not only versatile but also they are intensively reliable. As a company, we do not engage customers in complicated payment processes, since we believe time is of great importance. Therefore, cash payment for these services will take a few hours of filling forms before the equipment could be transported back to their original locations.

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You might be wondering why our prices for repairing Sappy 400 model are higher than for repairing other models that are present within the market. Also, it is possible that you might be wondering why go for the smallest copiers, while you can repair and improve the bigger models at almost exactly the same price. Look at it this way: first, you will be saving on such indirect expenses as transportation costs, which would be incurred in case you choose these services from another supplier. Also, note that before your machines are released, they must have undergone intensive testing and inspection process. In this case there are fewer chances of repetitive breakdowns. Significantly, unlike our close competitors, we only deal with original machines; hence you will be able to save on consumption costs. In order to provide you with positive and top-notch services I strongly rely on your full cooperation regarding the provision of the various requirements. Positive attitude and having trust in our services will earn you good results for the copiers. Please respond us before the end of February 17, 2014 so that we can make prior arrangements. By having your copiers serviced at our company you will have fewer problems with the copiers and seek for more business with us.

Yours Sincere,

(Student’s name)

Relations Sales Manager


Persuasive Application Letter Example

John W.

77 Branch Drive

Springtown Los Angeles 7777


Patience Road

Springtown LA 7777

Dear Dr.B.,

The dream of every student is to enroll in an institution that provides the best standards in the country. It goes hand in hand with every person’s determination to attain the best. Like other students, I am not an exception. Through the research in the internet, social media, and mass media, I have realized that you offer the best graduate student courses and produce professional in the sphere. For this reason, it has been my dream and determination to become your graduate student since I believe it is the only way to success. Challenges in life have almost diverted my road to success, but I know I have everything one requires to become your graduate student.

Education courses, field experience, and exposure are essential parts that make education complete. However, it depends on the institution that one joins and the qualification and performance of teachers. I understand that you have probably taken enough graduate students in your department. Due to unavoidable circumstances, I did not manage to apply as a graduate student in your institution. Considering that you offer the best assistance to students of my major, I would like to humbly present my letter asking for a chance to get accepted as your graduate student.

In the society we live in, there are many students who lack golden opportunities because of the issues they cannot avoid in their lives. I really needed the chance, but I understood the procedure of applying for the opportunity. According to the set procedure, it is a necessity for one to have a certificate of the last year exam. I had a problem in paying the fee for the last year, a factor that delayed me from getting the certificate on time. Nevertheless, I assure you that I am good in time management and will never let you down. The lateness occurred since I needed some time to convince well-wishers and sponsors to raise enough funds. Considering me for the opportunity is giving my family and me a better future so that we shall not need to rely on well-wishers for life necessities such as education. In addition, since fees payment was the main issue that affected me, I have managed to find some sponsors who will assist me and ensure that I will not have problems with your institution. From the records of the institution, your department provides the best graduate students as compared to other institutions that offer the same service in the region. Therefore, you require disciplined students who will follow the set standards without failing. I have been known for a good discipline and hard work since childhood. These factors will help you maintain the good reputation that you have kept for many years. The appropriate discipline and hardworking records are portrayed in my performance as indicated by my examination results for the last year.

Poverty is a status that no person would enjoy in life. However, it is not a matter of choice. I was brought up in a poor family, a factor that has limited my chances of acquiring many good things in life. Nevertheless, despite all the challenges, I have managed to work hard and attain the current level of education. I would humbly request you to offer me a chance to become your graduate student since it will increase my chances of eliminating poverty. It will also motivate people from different social classes in the country. Many students from poor families need motivation to work hard in life. Giving me the opportunity will increase my chances of closing the line of poverty and improving my social status. It will encourage other students who come from poor backgrounds since I will give an example of excelling in life despite my social status. Although I am late to apply for the chance, it has taken me time and sacrifice to attain some sponsors who are willing to give me financial assistance for the course. If I fail to get a chance this time, I can lose the sponsorship and eventually end up losing a chance of changing my life.

In accordance with the education system of the country, if I do not get the opportunity, I will be required to wait one year to get another chance to apply for the course. It will delay the achievement of my goals and targets in the future. Despite the fact that I was born in a poor family, my younger brothers and sisters are looking up on me with high hopes that I will manage to secure a job soon and help them lay a foundation for their future. Waiting a year will reduce my chances to secure a job soon hence leaving the future of my siblings with no hope. In addition, it will make me a burden to the society since I rely on odd jobs for survival. Today, young people are facing many challenges especially when they are idle. Some of the challenges make them engage in drug abuse and prostitution. Many of my friends have found themselves into major problems during holidays and others after completing secondary school education. Therefore, giving me an opportunity will also serve as a way of saving me from the risks that the youth encounter when they are idle.

Relying on the assistance in almost everything is the most humiliating thing in human life. Please, save me from the problem through giving me a chance to become your graduate student.


John W.

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