Purdue University is a public college of Science, Technology and Agriculture located in West Lafayette, Indiana, U.S. It was founded on May 6, 1869. It offers undergraduate and graduate programms in over 210 major areas of study. I would personally like to transfer to this institution because I have done my research and I am pleased with the offers they have, which are in-line with my personal and proffessional goals. I believe it is the institution that will help me move forward career wise.

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I am a Chinese student who  has previously studied at a language school, so I am fluent in English speaking and writing. My personal interests include current affairs and doing business. I like to play tennis, read various literature and travel a lot. Purdue University has a good sportsprogramme that will allow me to get  involved in my favourite kinds of sport and will help to attract new hobbies for myself. It also gives housing to students that is affordable and  will allow easy commuting to lectures. Different students from various cultures are studying here amid who a good percentage is made by women. This should also give me an opportunity for the easy time blending with other students.

Reseachers of Purdue also provide knowledge and assistance in my areas of application  professionaly,  including business and economy.With the condusive environment of learning  and the professors’ assistance I am bound to get a bright future and a successful college life with excellent result at the end of my studying. I hope to become a better person and to achieve my personal and professional goals in the future.

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