Since THE 1600S, Ireland and the United Kingdom was one sole political kingdom. They were both politically connected until when they separated at the height of 1901.  The social and political relationship between Ireland and Britain has a large influence from the fact they share a common history. This history has a frequent surrounding of trouble and disputes of both political and social nature.  Somme of the issues that have raised disputes between the relationship of the countries include; The Independence and governance of Northern Ireland as a free State,  Outbreak of political violence in Northern Ireland and the partition of Ireland among several other issues the arise from time to time. These paper discuses critically the British and Ireland’s social political relationship with an intention of comparing and contrasting this element of the relationship between British and Ireland.  The article uses primary and secondary sources to establish the social and political concerns that appear in the relationship between these independent regions.

Literature Review

The literature review covers appear entitled; Identity Crisis: Are we becoming a disunited Kingdom? By Serevin Carrell. This article analyses the fact that the British share the same Islands with The Irish people, according to the author; this reduces their sovereignty and prestige to be associated with the British.  The author of this article mentions Identity crises as a possible way that makes the relationship between Ireland and British to be dysfunctional. The author of the article talks about the much that is shared between these two groups of people.. A lot of culture is shared between the Britons and the Irish people. These include fishing, clothing, pop music, curries and Marnite (Roberts 2011). The author also mentions Tony Blair’s attempt to lessen Britain during his 1997 election victory. The author of this appears mentions the fact that sports activities serve as a uniting factor to both British and Ireland, Especially during the Olympics.  The way it appears in this article, the writer argues that the notion of British origin amongst the people living in this region is slowly fading.  According to the writer of this article, socializing between Britons and other groups of people has some influence on the people of Britain. Also, he touches on the enormous political and economic influence that Ireland currently possesses in England.  The rate at which the links between Ireland and Britain weaken with time is also an issue of concern in this piece of work.  The Author presents this as an argument to show the way in which Britain and Ireland loose links as times goes. This occurs since they initial link that existed between the two countries, that is Britain and Ireland are less powerful as the today compared to shortly after the British had colonized Ireland for so long. The author’s opinion may be criticized by the fact that, with time, the relationship between British and Ireland should not weaken. Instead, the relationship should indeed strengthen because the two share so many uniting factors. These factors include a common origin and a common trade. In fact, today the law governing Ireland and Britain is almost the same. There are only a few uniting factors that exist between Ireland and Britain (Carell 2011). In an attempt to show the identity crises, the writer has also described identity in Northern England as a more complex phenomenon. He says that there is a large national split of people who say that they are Irish while others argue that they are British. The article presents the nature in which Northern Irish, Irish and Britain citizens are torn between their identities to know their country of origin. My analyses fill the gaps that may cause division between the people of Ireland and the British. My analysis in this paper is highly instrumental in stirring peace and end division between Ireland and Britain.

In this article, Daniel approaches the disputes between the British and Ireland as a group of two countries that easily forget their disputes since they have so many things uniting them.  In Fact, he shows how Irish people get treated like Britain citizens in Ireland as an important aspect of the Briton population in Britain. Even though, Ireland comes from a State different from Britons, they are not taken in the same mental states like Italians or Finns.  Daniel discusses the Historical division of political Power, when Ireland managed to get political Independence from Britain, Back in 1921. On achieving Independence, Ireland broke its links with the common as a commonwealth state with time. The author stipulates that, in the article, there have been attempts to separate Ireland from Britain, but this has proved difficult because they still intermarry. The Attempts to change Ireland’s language and to ensure that Ireland wholesomely gets independence from the Britain without any cultural relationship is a hard task as it appears in Daniel’s article. Traces of neo-colonialism are still found on these relationships. In Daniel’s article, a difference between Ireland and Britain get placed in the world war participation. The participants of World War II, who fought for Britain were Irish volunteers.  The writer shows how Irish and British relationship becomes better when they get faced by the same political enemy. He uses the world wars II and the international conflicts surrounding it, to stipulate that THESE TWO states are not arch enemies (Hannan 2011). This article may be criticized by the fact that it ignores the fact conflict exists between Ireland and the British today.  It does not measure the extent of the bad relationship between British and Ireland. Perhaps the writer of this article should consider being broad in terms of cultural diversity between Ireland and Britain, and the ideal causes of the cold relationship between these two STATES.  The criticism of this research paper on the article by Daniel fills so many gaps and answers the questions left answered in the article by Daniel. Obviously, the readers of the article would want to get informed about the current state of the relationship between Ireland and British, and this article overlooks the relationship, regarding it as warm, apart from political division. The truth is that today, and in the recent past, Ireland so many conflicting Ideas from those of Britain and this has been the case for some time (O'Duffy 2007).

To sum up the literature review, this research paper has developed a theory aimed at uniting the interests between Ireland and British. The theory holds a believe that the social and political differences that exist between British and Ireland should be taken as strength to motivate mutual benefit to both British and Ireland. The theory emphasizes actions such as cultural diversity for the people of both Ireland and Britain, to emphasize the importance of Unity between neighbors who have experienced rough times in the past. Also, the theory developed by this paper recommends that the government of both Ireland should resolve the political differences because, the instability and rivalry of the two nations at any time harms them indirectly (Pollack 2012). The creation of this theory, to fill the gaps left by the literature review, can be an essential aspect in the creation of better and warmer social relationship between the two nations. This theory also embraces a world view that sharing of culture between Ireland and British is an inevitable factor, especially with the fact intermarriages between the people of Ireland and the British are uncontrollable. Bearing this in mind, it suggests that sharing of cultural value and preferences will continue being evident in the social relationship between Ireland and British, as time goes. Therefore, the theory may be argued to possess a predicting power since it forecasts the nature of the social relationship between people of Ireland and the Britons.


The methodology of this research paper has taken a critical eye on the political and social relationships between Ireland and Britain using the Review and analysis method. In this section of the paper, the researcher has placed emphasis on the importance of a warm relationship between the two nations. The methodology used in this paper has achieved the main aim of the thesis of the research paper, to establish a comparison and a contrast on the political and social relationship between Ireland and the British.

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The research methodology focuses on two articles with the review and analysis method. This research paper has paid attention to the prevailing social and political relationship between Ireland and Britain. It is so vivid and clear that the relationship between the two deserves to be improved every single time by ambassadors and peace loving citizens from both Ireland and Britain. Andy Pollack’s Journal, British-Irish relationship Stronger than ever in difficult times are a hugely influential article when it come to the way it tackles the importance of a warm relationship of British and Irish people. The article describes that Irish people deserve a warm relationship with their neighbors to enhance the performance of this nation and develop it economically. According to the writer of this article, there is a manifest necessity for the citizens of both Britain and Ireland to appreciate the secret meetings between the Queen of England and the Irish Prime Minister (Drudy 1986). The people should find this as a factor to motivate their performance and corporation between these two countries so that they emerge as the best performing neighbors in the European Union. The article involves an optimistic view to the social political relationship between Ireland and Britain and it stipulated and emphasizes a positive view of the social relationship between Ireland and Britain. The two countries deserve to have a closer economic relationship since this would be particularly instrumental in shaping the stability of the two nation’s performance as a whole. The two governments should prepare to create a depth economic relationship for the mutual benefit of both governments. The article motivates the citizens of Ireland and Britain to work together peacefully to develop their countries and end their differences. It is also tremendously crucial for the two nations to work hard in healing the wound that resulted from the war between North Ireland and Ireland before it got partitioned and achieved independence.

The article also focuses on the efforts of political and business leaders from both Ireland and Britain, combining efforts to end the Euro crisis in the two regions. Such common interests are extremely advantageous to the two nations. This is because the two nations act decidedly soberly when it comes to the stability of their economy. The relevant intergovernmental issues discussed by their political leaders created a basis for making the relationship between Ireland and Britain even better. With the changing times around the world, it is hard to ignore the relationship or the interaction between various people of different and neighboring countries such as British and Ireland. In times of disaster, a warm relationship with a neighboring country may be a hugely potent asset (Beaumont 2007). The thesis statement of this research paper is fully supported by this article. In fact, this article is topical and aims at motivating the performance of the Great Britain and Ireland in the social and political Arena. The meeting of the two political leaders between Ireland and Britain, as it appears in this article is a momentous thing to create. It increases the performance of these nations which is also a motivation which gets articulated by the motivations of this research paper. This paper also exposes a failure of the Irish revolution to achieve true independence. Ireland is also

The second article covered by the methodology of this paper is an article by Ivor Roberts, The evolution of Modern United Kingdom and Irish relations. In this article, Ivor Roberts show the nature of the relationship that is currently between the two countries. In his analysis, it appears clearly that the relationship is rapidly evolving with the increased rates of modernization and sharing of vital life facets like technology. Ireland and Britain today relate in ways that are so modern, and those that are remarkably different from the relationship of these countries long ago. It is certainly vivid and clear in this article that the factors motivating the social and political relationships between these two countries are diverse and different from the motives behind their relationship a while ago (O'Kane 2012). This article touches on the Good Friday agreement as a weapon that improved the cooperation between the British and Ireland. The Good Friday agreement was a treaty that aimed at ending conflict in North Ireland.  The fact that British got involved in Irish peace talks is a particularly beneficial effort towards shaping the current relationship between the Irish government and the British government today. The British intended to promote harmonious co existence between the people of Ireland and enhance the corporation in all matters and issues pertaining mutual interests to the two governments. In times of political strain, the two governments intervene in each other’s political situation to rescue their neighbors.

Research Findings

This research paper makes certain general and specific findings pertaining the relationship between Ireland and the British. For example, one general finding of this research as it appears is that the people of these two nations need to be sensitized to end conflict between them. Ideological difference between these two is an activity that is extremely evident in the research. The methodology used, review and analysis, enables researchers to realize that the security of the people living in both Britain and Ireland cannot be equated to grudges that are long gone. The political grudges that have ensued between these two in history, is a finding that motivates the challenges that current leaders in Britain and Ireland to foster peace and warm, social relationship between Ireland and Britain. The British government, being more powerful has been found by this research paper to fail in its attempt to promote peace in Ireland. The research also finds out that the most sickening vice in North Ireland is sectarianism/tribalism, and it should be replaced by peace and a motivation to maintain a warm and mutually benefiting relationship between these two states. The fact that the people of Northern Ireland cannot learn or hear from anybody outside themselves is the worst fact, causing instability which results from this heightened Ignorance (Loughlin 20070.

The specific findings of this research get mainly covered with two aspects. These aspects include; the nation of Ireland uses a different media channel to the one use by the British. This is an aspect of cultural difference. However, British newspapers, televisions and magazines are usually found easily in Ireland. This finding shows that cultural diversity is evident between the people of both Ireland and British. Also, in the recent past, certain media activities have covered both Ireland and Britain. A good example of such an example is The X factor whose auditions featured in Dublin and were also open to Irish voters (George 1996). This aspect shows the improving nature of the social relationship between the two nations.  The second specific finding of this paper, happens to be the fact The queen of England and the prime Minister of Ireland, both seem to have the interests if the public at heart. This finding shows some light at the end of the tunnel. Therefore, the relationship between British and Ireland, which should be in a position to get better and better every day, especially in the political Arena. This has a reflection in the economic stability of the two countries since ethical political and social relationship, enhances trade, which is extremely lucrative to the performance of these nations in the economic field.


In conclusion, it is unequivocally clear and vivid that British and Ireland relate in ways that are extremely diverse. There are also conflicts that take both social and political grounds between British and Ireland.  An important aspect to consider in the relationship between these two states is their historical links. To solve the disputes that hinders the social and political performance of these two nations. To solve this predicament once and for all, it is necessary to consider preaching forgiveness between the two nations so that the conflicts that did not get solved during the colonization of Ireland should be healed amicably. Also, a research should be carried out on the conflict between the British and Ireland. Perhaps the research should be broader and cover the roots of the cause, and the possible measure, taken by these to nations to develop a warm relationship between them with the changing times.

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