Globalization is the process in which international affairs integrate due to the change of the world views, ideas, products and other aspects of certain cultures. Global diffusion is the sharing of ideas, technology and culture between the nations. This paper discusses the global impacts and effects in northern America. It studies how globalization has made an impact on the northern part of America. Some of the effects discussed include political, technological, market and democracy changes in the region. Global diffusion has also led to the development and mixing of languages in the region and different inventions in the country. The inventions mentioned have brought changes in climate and environment of the region. The paper studies advantages and disadvantages of having global diffusion in northern America.

Effects of Global Diffusion in North America

There was a world wide spread of economic and political liberalism in the late twentieth century. This led to reforms of free market oriented economies. It also resulted in macroeconomic stabilization and foreign economic policies. The United States became hegemonic country. The US acted through Bretton Woods international economic institutions (Simmons, 2008). The government of the country has used a combination of carrots. These carrots included the political and military support and the recommended access to the US markets. The US government has also used sticks which refer to the strings attached to financial assistance in order to have threats of military coercion. This was done to impose its vision of political and economic liberalism. Some people see the effect of having decentralized process of technologically induced globalization at work. There are some sharp declines in the ability of the government to take control of the movement of goods and services across borders. Capitals have forced some countries to compete and outsmart each other for investment and market share in the USA. This has forced the government to reduce constraints on finance and firms due to the enacting political and economic reforms. Globalization in the northern America has led to the emergence of influential ideologies, which might not have much to do with political power or market dynamics.

Global diffusion has led to the northern America new farming methods development. Even though, farming is not the main economic activity in the region, some things were improved and scientific farming methods have emerged. These farming methods help in increasing the economic status of the region. They include the growing of crops using the GM method. GM helps in increasing productivity. For example, there is higher productivity in corn and soybeans which increases the yield. This helps to economize inputs of chemicals and labour (Levi-Faur, 2005). However, the global diffusion of this technology may not be perfect. Nevertheless, it depends on trade linkages, the absorption capacity, the size of farms to be used on and whether the technology is socially acceptable. This shows that if the consumption of the GM is not allowed in some countries, then the returns from the GM in northern America will be estimated as zero.

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Global diffusion has an effect in markets and democracy in the northern America. Some scientists explain this as the product of independent choice of the government. The political changes in the country were influenced by acts from other governments and organizations in the world. Because of the diffusion of economics, sociology, political science and international relations there are the mechanisms now that have lead to dispersal of markets and democracy. These mechanisms are tested using some sophisticated quantitative techniques in some areas that are diverse. The results showed that international diffusion has helped in improving the markets and standards of the area. Owing to this it is possible to have better governing of people in the area and to get an improved economy. Global diffusion has led to new technologies in the northern part of America. There is a link between global diffusion and innovation. This is the way for innovators to take ideas from other innovators from different countries. The North America has linked up with countries like Japan, making a lot of improvement in technologies.

However, the global diffusion has its disadvantages. Pollution is one of them. When the innovators are setting up industries and factories, the environment is likely to be polluted. The waste gas omitted by factories is the main cause of global warming (Lawler, 2008). The production of GMO food is also not highly recommended. This is because the genetically modified and processed food is not healthy for human consumption. The global diffusion may affect the political system of the North America. It happens when the leaders try to take the other governments’ ideas such as more democracy for the people.


Global diffusion has many effects to the northern America region. It has led to an improved economic situation in the region. The stability of economy in the area was bettered due to the sharing of ideas with other nations. The global diffusion has also resulted in development of new farming methods. The methods include the production of GMO food. However, the GMO food is considered to be unhealthy for human consumption. Another notable effect of global diffusion is an improved state of the market and democracy rights. This has happened due to the interaction with the trading countries and implementing their trading ideas. Improved democracy was obtained after the northern America governing body began to share and use the same ideas with the other countries. The global diffusion also has some effects on the technology in the northern America. The number of innovations in the area is on the rise.

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