Permanent campaign can be regarded as both a history and concept. This concept outlines crucial changes that have taken place in the American political history. Such changes in American politics evolved from old patronage/party organizations to a modern polling that is driven by computer technology. This implies that media facilitated the creation of a new system in American politics. Technological and media developments have helped in understanding the significance of the permanent change today in Obama years. To this end, political consultants made use of advance technology and media models to offer better ideas on politics/campaign (Dye, 2010). The technological and media tools enabled the political consultants to replace party bosses. As a result, new technological models of campaigning were put in place.

Virginia Plan demanded more representation in the government, and this enabled it to be the most populous state. The higher population representation enabled Virginia to have more representation in congress than New Jersey. The New Jersey Plan stated that each state was to provide two representatives in the congress. This implies that the suggested number of representatives would still be lower than that of Virginia. The constitution reflects the features of these two plans by resolving such conflicting situations on representation. For instance, the resolution facilitated a major compromise, which led to the establishment of the House of Representatives. The House of Representatives helped in deciding on the state population, while the Senate supported two representatives for every state (Dye, 2010).

Indeed, the founding fathers should have included women's rights within the Virginia and New Jersey Plans, because issues of equal employment, education, protection, marital freedom, and family planning would be easily addressed (Dye, 2010). Such inclusion would help in transforming the country into an indefinite and classless society that binds many organizations across the nation with an aim of pursuing fairness for women. For instance, the Virginia and New Jersey Plans could incorporate several women groups and personalities to champion for the women’s rights and fundamental freedom, without victimization. Such recognition and inclusion in the Virginia and New Jersey Plans could help in establishing organizations that would be transformed into an independent movements working closely with women and human rights advocates.

The Supreme Court’s interpretation of federalism changed over time by carrying out several constitutional amendments, which affected policy issues of slavery/immigration. For example, there was demand for equality between the French speaking Canadians and the English Canadians, which was as a result of the experiences associated with the federal system of political governance. Consequently, Quebec sought for respect to prevail among the French speaking Canadian nationals, based on the confederation promises. In the 1960s, a Quiet Revolution took place with an aim of redefining the status of Quebec constitution so as to achieve equality and fairness between the French Canadians and the English speaking Canadians, that is, the two main political contenders in that federation (Eugene, 2007). The results of this revolution led to the development and the emergence of a ‘Quebec people’, a notion that persisted for several years. This strong notion has made it impossible to revive Canadian federalism, in spite of several attempts that have been made. Quebec’s specific demands and certain claims on its situation have made the renewal attempts of the federalism impossible for nearly 35 years (Eugene, 2007).

In 1982, the constitution that was passed in 1867 was amended without seeking Quebec’s consent (Eugene, 2007). This sparked a lot of reactions and opposition from Quebec, demanding redress upon Canada’s refusal to acknowledge their specific political concerns. Even though little achievements have been realized in defending Quebec people’s rights and democratic life, their quest for equality has never been achieved, and this is an important socio-political issue that needs to be addressed. 

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