The Kind of Legislator I would be if elected

Being elected as a legislator is a very important opportunity and honor to serve the people and the person must show his/her dedication and appreciation to the new mandate that the people have bestowed on him or her. Since election is a competition, winning is a sign that the people have confidence that he/she can deliver and make their lives better, thus a legislator should be a focused and listening person (Blomgren & Olivier, 2012).   

The role a Legislator should Take

The legislator’s role in improving the people’s standards of living should take a hybrid system without resorting to the extremes. In this regard, taking a neutral position while articulating the roles is very important as it ensures that he or she does the activities, which satisfy his or her development objectives in the area of jurisdiction, and fulfilling the desires of the electorate (Blomgren & Olivier, 2012). Therefore, the legislator should take a politico role in executing the development roles because this will make him/her abide the interests of the voters without compromising the development of the jurisdiction area. Here, the electorate should view the legislator as a trustee who has a vision for the area and is capable of articulating the priorities (Blomgren & Olivier, 2012). Similarly, the legislator should be viewed as a person who is able to delegate development activities to meet the wishes of the people.

According to Tremblay (2008), the rationale for choosing politico role as the one that best suits the legislator is that; first, an extremist legislator who does the things that he or she thinks is right, could be seen as a dictator because the electorates might not fully agree with his proposed activities or projects. On the other hand, a legislator who does what the voters want is likely to miss out  key development priorities because the electorate might not always present workable ideas (Tremblay, 2008). 

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