Every individual has different views and perspectives as far as politics is concerned. There are those who are so much interested in the national and international politics to such an extent that they nothing can hardly pass their years. On the other hand, there is another group who are not interested at all. They view politics as an inconsistent game which they cannot follow. Others are too busy involve their mind in that line of thinking. Whichever line an individual falls, politics is a day to day event which influences every person’s social and economic life.  This paper includes the views of three people who I interviewed concerning their political views. Their political ideas influenced my political views and values to the United States government. The three interviewees have different age, background, and culture and religious backgrounds.

The first respondent was a young man who is twenty four years old. Christie Kelvin is a Christian with African background. His mother was a Kenyan and his father an American. To my surprise, this man loved Kenya too much such that he understands Kenyan politics more than he does to other politics including his national politics. The person who has influenced his political views is President Obama. Christie claims hat Obama has made it despite his African background. Americans have benefited from him after breaking racial discrimination which had affected them since time in memorial. I like his party as it concentrates on national and international development. They value a person’s leadership qualities but not cultural background. Christie is interested in what happens in the Orange Democratic Party in Kenya. He claims that the party acts more or less like Obama’s party. He urges the government to fight against racial discrimination so that development can prevail in all parts of the nation. The respondent will have an opportunity to vote in the next general elections. He has not yet decided on whom to vote for since he has not learnt their vision for the nation. He will only vote for the person who is indiscriminative and has development ideas in his vision and mission.

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Julius Paul was the second respondent. He is an old man who is sixty two years old. This person who influenced his political views was Jimmy Carter. The old man remembers Jimmy Carters regime with great fondness. He loved the man as he was never influenced and changed by political waves. Julius believes that the nation will only benefit if a person with such characters is born. He promises that he will to vote in the next general elections since all the candidates do not even near what he believes will make the nation stand again.  He does not see anything that the current leadership can do to benefit the nation as they do not have the qualities which can bring the intended changes.

The third interviewee was a middle aged mother of three. Penina Zippy is thirty six years old Native American. She is not interested in politics at all. No one has very influenced her political views. She has little knowledge on what happens in the political field. She claims to be too busy throughout the day in her advocate office. She dedicates the evenings to her three kids who need her concentration. Zippy considers politics to be too inconsistent for her to follow. She has no idea of what the current President should do to improve the nation. She only requires security to be improved so that those who killed her husband two years ago will never do that to anyone else. She has a chance to vote in the next general elections, but has not decided on whom to vote for or even whether she will vote or not. 

In conclusion, different individuals have different political views. Political influeunce is based on several factors such as age, cultural background, occupation, religion and family background. Some people are interested in politics while others are not. From the three respondents, I learnt that every individual is different as far as political matters are concerned. People have to learn to live peacefully with each other and never allow political differences to separate them. Personally I am a democratic when it comes to American politics. My father influence d me as he is a democratic member and planted the party’s views in me. I believe the current government should increase security and end associations which are increasing day in day out.  

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