The term terrorism apparently has not been given a legally binding definition under the criminal law. However, it is used to refer to certain acts of terror that are used systematically as a means of coercion.  Generally acts of terrorism are used to instill fear and do not regard the safety of civilians. These acts are perpetrated for various motives and reasons.  These include ideological goals, political motives, religious beliefs or disregard to specific communities or race (Barber, 2003). In the recent past, many terrorist attacks have been carried out in various countries. These attacks have brought challenges to the attacked countries to certain extents where some have been forced to change their policies to ensure safety for the citizens.

One of the most recent terror attacks occurred on Thursday, November 22nd, 2012. The terrorism occurred in the city of Rawalpindi, Pakistan. It was carried out by a Taliban suicide bomber who struck Shia procession of Muslim. The bombing occurred on Wednesday night and claimed the lives of 23 and left 62 injured (Associated Press, 2012). Among the injured were six policemen while eight of those whose lives were claimed were children.

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The police were apparently informed about the bomber and his planned attack. They tried to get hold of him and prevent him to detonate. However, the terrorist was fast than the police and ran past them when he joined the procession and detonated the explosive. The explosion was so severe since the suicide bomber was carrying some grenades which also exploded in the incidence.

The driving force towards the attack is the war of belief. The Pakistan Taliban considers the Shiites as blasphemers and thus the series of attacks particularly on their religious processions (Associated Press, 2012). Most of the attacks have target Shias who are basically the minority in Pakistan; the Muslim country. The attackers aim at shaking the beliefs of the Shiites and threaten them from attending their religious processions.

Terrorist attacks are very fatal at times and may cause a country to adjust or completely change its policies. The series of terrorist attacks have greatly challenged Pakistan in terms of the security offered to its citizens. Therefore, Pakistan government has increased security particularly during the processions in an attempt to protect the Shias. This has however, not been very effective since attacks have been occurring regardless of the implemented measures. According to critics, the government should do more than what it is already doing to ensure complete safety of the sect.

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