There are certain incidences of violence that occurred in America by the Christians, who claimed to administer justice. According to these Christians, their dealings had a biblical basis. Some of the violence activities include Michael Bray whose views are in history records up to date. Some of the violent cases are shooting of a day care center belonging to the Jews. This was done by one of the Christian identity members in 1996. Another case involved bombing that claimed thousands of people in Olympic Games, whose perpetrator was Rev. Jim Jones. Killing of doctors and attacking of the abortion clinics is other examples of violent cases in America. These Christian attackers argued that the bible justifies their actions. The Reconstruction Movement also held the same views as these violence activities (Allen, 2006). As an example, Michael bray had certain views on the issue.

Michael Bray participated in the violence in the name of Christianity in many ways. First, he demolished seven abortion clinics in D.C., Delaware, Maryland and Virginia. He did this because he found it immoral to conduct abortion. He felt that the clinics were compromising the human rights by facilitating abortions. Secondly, Bray wrote a definitive book called 'Time to Kill'. In it, he justifies the religious and ethical violence. Furthermore, he stood for murder and other people who attempted murder. For instance, Bray support's Rev. Paul Hill case who committed murder on Dr. John Britton and James Barrette (Allen, 2006).

Additionally, Bray argued that his actions and those of his colleagues were justifiable in the biblical teaching. He said that the terrorist acts were instrumental in the destruction of evil doers and the evil itself. Moreover, he claimed that the society consisted of many evil practices that included corruption. He also argued that the society is overcome by satanic authorities in the form of the federal government. According to him, the evil forces suppressed people's freedom, faith and their Christian ethics (Robbins, 2009).
Furthermore, Bray views his actions as justifiable in that violence is only employed when it is appropriate. He finds it as the Christians' responsibility to work in collaboration with God's army in the fight against evil powers of Satan in the society.

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The reconstruction movement has the same views as those of Bray. They claim that Christianity should represent God's rule over every societal aspect. For example, there is rule over politics and religion. Some of the activists in the movement include Jerry Farewell and Pat Robertson. These members assert that their fight against evil powers is in line with God's will. They view themselves as the soldiers of God who are out to demolish any evil thing in the society. In addition, the members of the movement also argue, in defense of the just-war theory, which violence is essential in some instances so as to root out evil powers in the society. Borrowing Niebuhr's teachings, the activists hold that righteous force is essential in the cleansing of the world from sin .They also assert that strategic violence plays a key role in the prevention of the immense injustice and violence (Robbins, 2009).

Nevertheless, some fundamentalist insist that any method used in the achievement of their goals justified their ends. The Christian activists build their confidence on their belief that their actions are according to God's will. They base this on the crusaders who murdered thousands of Muslims and Jews. However, the conservative activists claim that borrow Cornelius Van Till's views, which stresses that Christians should have authority over the world as empowered by God (Allen, 2006). In conclusion, the American society faced violent cases that were conducted in the name of God by Christian activists. Given that the secular authorities opposed these actions, Bray and his colleagues had different views that justified their actions. Holding similar opinions with the Reconstruction Movement activists, he asserts that his actions are in line with God's will as per the biblical teachings.

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