Component 1: God (Theology): There are several reasons that explain that God exists.  The first reason that explains if God exists is the design of the universe. The complexity of the earth as well as other planets in the universe is a clear indication that its designer is not a normal human being but a supernatural power. Apart from the design of the universe, God reveled to mankind through his and only son Jesus Christ. All religions from Christians, Muslims, Buddhism and Hindus all believe that God sent a prophet to save the universe and mankind. All religions have tried for a long time to understand the characteristics of God but to no avail; however the easiest way to learn and understand God's characteristics is by reading and following the teachings preached by the different religious denominations. This is because different religions use different books for their teachings, for example the Muslims use the Quran while the Christians use the Holy Bible.

Component 2: Knowledge (Epistemology)

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There are many ways in which knowledge can be defined; however the ability for a person to learn, comprehend and use the skills acquired can be said to be having / acquiring knowledge. Knowledge can be acquired through observation (observational knowledge), learning among other ways and it is important to note that the process of acquiring knowledge is a continuous process from the time a person is born until they pass on to the next world. Each day a person is equipped with new skills (knowledge) that they use for their day to day survival.

Component 3: Ethics

For many years, philosophers and scholars have argued about what is ethically right or wrong and there has been no concrete conclusion to the matter. This has brought about moral dilemma. For instance while in some regions abortion and use of drugs such as marijuana is wrong and against the cultural practices of the people, there are places where they are permitted and culturally accepted. Therefore, the responsibility of doing what is ethically right and wrong should not be determined by the laws of land but rather by individuals. To help in that, individuals (both Christians and non Christians) should adhere to the positive ethics of life and by so doing the society will be a better place.

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