It will require many pages to refute the claims made by the Muslims against the bible. Generally, for the Christians to successfully counter the arguments presented, they need to:

  • Understand the bible well including the bible prophesy
  • Have some theological background of the bible

As a matter of fact the Muslims are just out to pick some portion of the bible experiment with them and see whether they can favor them. Their arguments are baseless and without any tangible evidence. Their main objective, it should be noted, is to discredit the bible in favor of the Quran. These arguments do not have any basic foundation for their arguments. Christians need to understand the bible well in order to be able to counter the arguments. In these arguments the bible should be used as the only source with the exception of where maybe scientific evidence may be required.

It should be carefully noted that all these arguments are just like a test of how well the Christians know the bible. Take for instance the quoting of the book of Isaiah chapter 42 which they as a prophecy of Muhammad. This verse is about Jesus but the Muslims claim that it is directed to Muhammad because Jesus can not be a servant. Such an argument is so baseless and the bible is very clear that Jesus is a servant. The book of Mathew in chapter whereby Mathew is writing exclusively about Jesus, he quotes Isaiah 42. There are many verses where Jesus is depicted as a servant and even action wise he washed the feet of his disciple to teach them the lesson that whoever wishes to big ought to be the servant. Simple, any argument presented by the Muslim just requires the knowledge of the bible to answer it and show that indeed Christianity is true: according to the bible the truth will set people free thus it to be known. Knowing the bible truth will set the Christians free of these arguments and make it possible for them to convert who fervently believe on arguments which are not based on any truth.

There are some other arguments which are based on the use of grammar. The Muslims are basically trying to manipulate the scriptures to fit their own cause. An example of where there is a manipulation of a language in the prophecy of Deuteronomy 18:18 which they claim that ca n not be fulfilled by Jesus because the text refers to somebody from outside and that the person is Muhammad. The argument here is the phrase, “from among their own brethren.”  The Muslims claims that the phrase excludes the Hebrews and thus Jesus. The answer for such kind of reason is the bible itself:

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Since Deut 17:15 uses exactly the same expression, when it said, "you shall surely set a king over you whom the Lord your God chooses, one from among your own brethren" why did God appoint Saul and David as King and not an Ishmaelite? And in Deut 18:2 it says, "The Levites shall have no inheritance from among their brethren." Did the Ishmaelites share the inheritance of the promised land of Palestine with the Hebrews? (Andrew par. 56)

In general as it has been said above the argument presented above require that a Christian have a thorough knowledge of the bible. The arguments are all about going round the bible and trying to cause some kind of confusion. Knowing the bible and the context under which some circumstances are presented will help to shoot down the argument. The knowledge of the bible is basic in showing that what the Muslims hold onto so dearly is not supported by the bible even in the least.

The Islamic religion is based on the belief that Mohammed was the last prophet who was sent by God. The Muslims quotes several portions of the bible claiming that the bible foretold the coming of Mohammed. All the scriptures quoted which the Muslims claim to prophesy the coming of Muhammed either mean something else or either just a manipulation of the scripture. Despite using the same bible to claim that it foretells the coming of Mohammed they claim that the bible is corrupt and as such it ought not to be believed. The fact that they still use the same bible to claim the prophesying of Muhammed contradicts them. The Muslims also candidly associate themselves with the Old Testament prophets while history records show that the pre-Islamic Arabs were pagan worshiping idols and the 360 gods as discussed above. There is no clear connection on how Muhammed comes to be prophesied taking into consideration the fact that the Muhammed was born to a pagan family at a time when the pre-Islamic Arabs in Mecca were worshiping gods.

The Muslims present many arguments against the bible and some which they claim they support the Islamic religion. For Christians to effectively counter these arguments they will need to have a through knowledge of the bible. Theological background of the argument will at times help as at times the arguments are out to discredit the doctrinal value of the Christians. Having a good knowledge of the bible helps one to get supporting scriptures from the bible. There are also other basic facts one needs to know about the Quran which the Muslims blindly believes. It will worth to show the Muslims that what they claim to scientifically correct is not correct but actually a collection of facts from the other works which were already in existent some of which gross scientific errors.  

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