The bible has scientific facts which have been proved as knowledge has advanced. Unlike the Quran which quotes scientific facts which had already been quoted by the time it was being written of some which were scientific errors the bible has remained with no single error in its scientific claims. One of most popular claim made by the Muslims is that the Quran was God and to proof that they claim that it contains scientific information which is accurate. The information specifically quoted is that of embryology which they claim that the Quran shows before man discovered it. However, there has been enough evidence to show that before the Quran was written information embryology was already available. (Andrew 1). It is not possible to reconcile this revelation of the existence of the embryology information far before the writing of the Quran. Simply put, this information might have just been copied from the works which had already been done.

Andrew (2010) quotes the Hippocratic writings (1983, p. 317) specifically on the scientific error committed by Hippocrates who claimed that semen originates from the brain and then flows down through the spinal code and out of the body. This is scientific wrong, but the Quran has the same error indicating it might as well be copied from Hippocrates works, “man was created from ejected liquid- Proceeding from between the backbone and the ribs” (this according to Andrew is from 86:6-7 the Koran). These two cases show that the Quran was not inspired by God but was just the writing of men and scientific errors of Hippocrates. There are further claims such as in the passages of Quran 30:48; 24:43 which to show the explanation of the hydrological cycle. Arguing from the view of reasonableness, the bible had all these explanations before the Quran was written (Job 36:27-28; Eccl. 11:3; Job 26:8; Eccl 1:6-7) is it not possible that the Quran is just a copy of these facts recorded in the bible. Using the same argument that the bible recorded that scientific fact early before man understood it then shouldn’t the bible be viewed as inspired by God?

The bible is more accurate than any known book. The bible informed men that the world was round long before men started asking whether the earth is flat or round (Isaiah 40:22; Prov. 8:27; Amos 9:6 Job 26:10). Further more the bible gave the knowledge that the planet hangs in the space on nothing.[3] All these facts were recorded in the bible long before man discovered them. Where does such inspiration and knowledge come from? The bible is true and not corrupt otherwise these facts could also be corrupt but they are not and they are accurate reflection of science.

It has been hotly argued that the bible due to the translations it has undergone has become corrupt. The fact that a book is translated into a different language does not just mean it is corrupt. The Muslim believe that when Jesus hang on the cross he used the word Allah but again a contradiction is brought on board when Muslims refute the fact that Jesus was ever crucified. The Muslims have repetitively accused the bible of being corrupt but again have picked portions of the bible which they manipulate to fit they objectives of proving their religion. For instance, the book of Isaiah has been used in a contradicting manner. The Muslims claim that Isaiah 42 predicts the prophet Muhammed: the same book of Isaiah in chapter in 53 talks about the crucifixion of Jesus Christ which the Muslims fervently deny to have taken place. It does not make sense that one portion of the same book should be considered as uncorrupt and the next one corrupt: why should the prophecies Mohamed be true but the prophecies of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ are false? The Muslims further have been quoting the book of Deuteronomy 18: 18 and the book of John 16: 13 as prophecies of the prophet Muhammed.

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There are other scriptures which are mentioned by the Muslims to claim that the Islamic religion is prophesied by the bible. The Muslims are not known to use any criteria to decide which portions of the bible are corrupt and which are not with the exception that they only pick those portions which they think they can easily manipulate to cater for their interest of showing that the Islamic religion was predicted by the bible.

The bible is clear about religions such as Islam. In the book Acts 19:23-41 the bible narrates about a religion which worships the goddess Artemis and her meteorite that dropped from heaven. This religion is centered on the stone that is the meteorite. Paul in the bible writes, “I am amazed that you are so quickly deserting Christ for a different religion. But even if an angel from heaven should preach to you a different religion, let him be accursed” (Galatians1:6-9). This is very possible that the apostle Paul was talking of cults which were to appear towards the end of times.

The bible is sufficient and does not need any addition to make complete (Jude 3; 2 Peter 1:3; John 16:13 and 2 Tim 3:16). This is not the case with the Quran which claims the same as the bible. The Quran can not be complete without the Hadith which dictates the five prayers that Muslims should have. According to Andrew (2010), the bible records 60 prophecies about Jesus Christ which were 1000 years old than Jesus. However, this does not apply to Muhammed for he has no remarkable prophecy which foretells his coming.  

There are still cheap claims that Jesus prayed with the Muslim prayer posture. This is an assumption which is being made because when the bible records that he lied down to pray he might as well have been fully prostrate. Furthermore, in the bible Jesus gives instructions to his disciples to pray standing (Mark 11:25). The bible also records King David praying while sitting (2 Samuel 7: 18) and Paul taught people to make prayers with their hands in the air (1 Timothy 2: 8). The claim that the bible supports the praying posture of the Muslims is invalidated by these verses.    

The fact that the Muslims strongly believe in the Quran without questioning it comes out clearly when some scientific facts are engaged. For instance, the Muslims refute that when Jesus was pierced on his side when he was hanging on the cross it was not possible for water and blood to come out because the blood could have clotted. Scientifically speaking it takes several days for the blood to clot inside the body. This means that the Muslims are presenting arguments which are false and without any foundation to verify their religion. More claims made to discredit the bible include the use of the term “according to” when the gospels are being introduced. They claim that this means that these mean those books are written according to the authors and not according to the directions of the Holy Spirit. This is the highest show of theological ignorance whereby claims and arguments are just dished out without necessary examining the context of the words which are used. The phrase “according to” was added later after those books had been written to mean that they were the authors and not that whatever is written is their own accounts.

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