This paper seeks to study the distinctive reality of the rise of megachurches. It is important to note that a megachurch is a spiritual structure or organization that exists in similar patterns. Megachurches change with time in order to fit into the modern times. This paper also seeks to report findings from the background research of the same.

Thesis Statement

Megachurches are a new and modern phenomenon. This does not mean that large congregations were not there in the older times (Hinton 171). However, in the historic times there were less congregations and churches around the globe. This simply means that a megachurch is a congregation with a great or massive attendance with a common pattern in the organization, programming and membership. Most of the megachurches were founded in the year 1955. The growth that have been experienced by these congregations have been massive (Thumma 40-41)

Research Based on Academic Resources

The most outstanding character about the megachurches is the congregation size. However, disagreements have emerged on what attendance number should be able to constitute a megachurch. A study was carried out using a minimum attendance of 2000 members in the churches.

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The research findings were that not all the members attended the services every single day of the week. This therefore means that the attendance can only be estimated in hundreds of the members. Thus a large congregation attracts other members to the church (Warren 47).The research findings also found that these megachurches experience rapid growth in a short period of time or “overnight’’ (Eisland). In a particular church in Atlanta, the rapid growth was due to free publicity (Ramsey).

Background of Megachurches

A megachurch is a non-Catholic congregation with more than 2000 members. The memberships of such congregations grow rapidly in a short period and become successful. The churches change with time in order to fit into the modern traditions and culture.


  1. If megachurch is the modern trend to modern Christian life, how can this be dangerous to Christianity?
  2. Does the rise of megachurches have an impact in the international development?


This paper has outlined the sociological concepts of megachurches in the society. The study was based on academic resources, the background of megachurches .The rise of megachurches have brought about many positive attributes in the society but also have some negative attributes.

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