It was started by Muhammad who at the age of 40, claimed that he had revelations from God. At this time, Christianity already existed. There were several similarities between Islam and Christianity which included the worship of one God and respect for God’s massagers who was referred to as the prophets. Christianity believed that Jesus was the son of God while the Muslims believed that he was a prophet but the last prophet was Muhammad. These beliefs may have led to the conflict between Muslims and Christians.

Regional Development

Christianity was started in Jerusalem and then to the rest of the East including Asia and Egypt. A Muhammad started to preach to the people of Mecca (McCabe, 346).Islam started in Mecca where Prophet Mohammed started preaching the worship of one God. Islam later spread to the most of Asia countries which include the Saudi Arabia (Rusmir, 84).

Denominational Develops

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Christians had denominations like Judaism. Islam also had denominations like Sunni, Shia and Sufism. There is a new denomination of Islam that has come up called the Nation of Islam for the African-American. Other minor denominations include: Ahmadiyya, Ibadi and Quranists(Levinson, 78).Today, just like the Islam religion, Christianity has denominations like protestant and catholic.

Christians Attitudes Towards Muslims

Christians have a negative attitude towards the Islam religion which partly came from the personal life of the prophet Muhammad. For example, he married a wife older than him ( Nasr, 3, 39,85). Some of the Islamic customs are not suitable in the Christian religion like polygamy (Lindberg, 25). The negative attitude towards Islam has continued to be negative due to the mistreatment of non-Muslims in the Islamic nations.


Islam is a monotheistic religion and it has various denominations. The religion has continued to grow since it started in Mecca. Although there are many similarities between the Christianity and Islam, Christians still negative attitude towards Islam because of some of the practices.

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