All institutions are guided by the constitution of the land, institution, code of ethics and organizational code of conduct. Every organization has a written document that explains the way employees should conduct themselves and the mode of dressing when within premises. These regulations ensure discipline and order in the organization. Government employees are not an exception since there are rules that control them and disciplinary actions that are taken in cases of misbehavior. The research will focus on disciplinary actions in government organizations to analyze the impacts they have on the employees.

Statement of the Problem

Discipline is an essential feature that enables human beings to have order when working together. It prevents abuse of position and power. Although in government organizations discipline actions were proven to have a negative effect on the employees. They deteriorate the morale of the employees and in some cases individuals prefer to quit their job. The reason behind this is not established. However, something has to be done to solve the problem. My research may provide the government organizations with a permanent solution to the issue that is exactly what is needed to boost economic development.

Purpose of the Proposed Study

The major objective of the research will be to determine the extent to which disciplinary actions in government organization impact employees. There will be tests, interviews and cost analysis to determine the damage and advantages brought about by disciplinary action in government organizations. The second objective is to analyze how an employee takes disciplinary actions in government organizations.

Research Question Topic

How and to what extent does disciplinary action in government organizations impact the employees?


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The hypothesis of the study is that the disciplinary action in government originations has a negative impact on the employees.

Independent Variable: Disciplinary action

Dependent Variable: Government employees


100 adults (50 male, 50 female of ages 18-40 and a mean of 50; 45% African-American, 20% Caucasian, 15% Asian and 15% Hispanic, other ethnic groups are expected to contribute 5%) the data will be collected from California state among the employees of the government.

Procedure: Participants will be given questionnaires while in their operations during the summer. The questions will ask how disciplinary actions are taken in government organization and the impacts they have on employees. The answers should be direct to guarantee minimal confusion.


The study will use quasi-experimental, within-subjects, double-blind design.


For the research I will use two types of data gathering. It will include both secondary data analysis and primary data survey. Primary survey will increase the validity of the research. I will collect information from diverse respondents among the employees of the government. The survey will first ask basic questions that are irrelevant, but may be useful. The questions will include age, ethnicity and gender of the respondents. Then, the survey will ask more detailed questions about the topic.

For secondary data, I intend to consult different scholarly articles such as books and journals. Different scholars have conducted research on the topic and came up with different views and observations. I will focus on the literature review of journals and peer-reviewed sources to discuss how disciplinary action is conducted in government organizations and the impact it has on the employees. recommends to order only on the best research proposal writing service.

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