Individual treatment modes for treating disorder in male adolescents aged 14 – 16 are being constantly studied by different researchers. Thus, Becker-Weidman discussed different approaches used for adolescents’ treatment, particularly dyadic developmental psychotherapy. This therapy is one of the methods of psychotherapy that helps to outline effective individual approaches for treating male adolescents with disorders at the age of 14 – 16.

On the contrary, In-Albon (2012) suggested that desensitization was a more efficient approach for treating male adolescents with disorder abilities rather than psychotherapeutic modes. The article describes the strengths of the method of desensitization as well as provides examples of its effective use. Strawn et al. (2010) presented their point of view on the problem of psychopharmacologic treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder in children and adolescents in their article, which also has helped in establishing psychotherapeutic approaches in the research proposal.

Individual Psychotherapy for Treating Disorder in Male

Individual psychotherapy for treating disorder in male adolescents aged 14 – 16 is most often required in cases where the source of an adolescent’s problem is certain forms of emotional disorders associated with either small conflicts or stress, or with feelings about a certain constant stress experienced in the past or currently experiencing.


Different therapists use quite different approaches, but the following are the main ones. The first is careful evaluation of the nature of the psychological adolescents’ difficulties, which is the most important moment of the previous psychotherapy. A therapist tries to identify a valid psychological mechanism underlying a person’s problems rather than trying to build a hypothetical mechanism based on only theoretical reflections. The second is when a therapist listens to an adolescent and gives him an important opportunity to express his own feelings and beliefs. It implies both that the therapist does not force the adolescent’s own point of view and that a psychotherapeutic situation is structured in order to facilitate communication (Becker-Weidman).

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Third, a therapist gives a person the opportunity to understand what he understands and wants to help him. In addition, a therapist and a patient determine the purpose and objectives of their meetings. There is no need the reasons that triggered recourse seeking assistance to the doctor to be psychotherapy. However, it is important for a patient to know that the psychotherapeutic process has its own specific focus. Furthermore, a therapist carefully explains to a patient that his behavior is inefficient or even unacceptable (Strawn et al., 2010).


The method of desensitization is also considered one of effective modes for treating disorder in male adolescents aged 14 – 16. It has been used as a treatment for phobias for many years. This method is also one of the most developed methods of behavioral training. Desensitization is based on two principles – a combination of disturbing stimuli to experience relaxation and pleasure, which to some extent are incompatible with fear, and the systematic movement of the hierarchy alarming a person’s condition from the least to the most stressful situations. The aim of the treatment is to advance through a series of small, carefully graded steps, allowing the emergence of only light conditions of excitement.

Thus, every time when an adolescent moves one step in treatment, he occurs in a slightly more terrible situation for him, and the decreased anxiety comes with special psychotherapeutic influences. In his case, the adolescent’s anxiety is taken in conjunction with real-life situations, but it is possible that such movement takes place in imagination. Desensitization technique is used with great success in the treatment of conditions such as phobia of animals, the fear of water, school phobia, and the fear of food. Conducted on adolescents, studies have shown that this method is much more effective to treat these phobias than psychotherapy (In-Albon, 2012).

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