The session was all about the diversification in careers and what is important when it comes to getting into public service jobs. There are multiple participants in the session that have shared their views about the topic. Each of them is employed in different departments and have different point of view. The session also discuses about how careers are influencing the personal relationships from perspective of different people.

            People belong to intergovernmental relation department, city budget office and mayor’s office. Different people have different point of view to elaborate upon. The participant working in the city budget office was of the view that public service is all about the accurate timing and the opportunity at hand. He was of the view that everyone gets the opportunity once which never knocks twice. The job at the public service offices offers you simple as well as both complex challenges.

One respondent that works in the legislative affairs department highlighted that the person serving in the public services department becomes complacent and there are very few chances for growth. The salary and benefits are very attractive but there are rare chances of growth. A person is only promoted if someone at the next position dies or switches at another job. Usually people have to look for other job opportunities when they are not promoted for a longer period of time.

It has been also observed that women are always at top when it comes to public service careers job. People just need to set the foot inside the door and then the opportunity comes to them. It has been observed that at start some people have worked for free and once they have established relation with certain influential people they were able to secure the permanent position in the Mayor’s office at very lucrative salary and benefits. So make your space and then choose a position that suits yourself is a wise approach.

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People, who are working at the public service offices need to prioritize all the things, make a schedule and then strictly follow it in order to be successful. Consistency is the key to get into public service sector. People who want to enter into public service organizations, they need to develop work ethics and standards, and a time will come when people will start to recognize you for those certain characteristics. The end result would be that a relation and network with the likeminded people will be established and then they can act on your behalf and can secure a job for you as it happened in the case of Ruby, one of the respondents.

The people or in fact if we say the key people can look out for you and they can act as your mentor that can create opportunities for you due to your characteristics and help you climb up the leader of your career at the public service offices. It is good if people are paying attention towards you in positive manner that is good for your career.

One of respondent who worked at the budget office was of the view that some public service offices are far better places to work at in comparison to others. Like being a police officer or garbage manger does not matter a lot but being in budget office of the city management is very important. It enhances your critical power and you better know how to manage the financial matters, how to make money, how to lose money and finally how to spend money. One learns to deliver the services and after delivering the services they also learn how to evaluate them.

So in conclusion one should start with the lower position then they have to establish the network, once the network is established that can be utilized to get a higher position and one is at better position to negotiate on benefits. It is even better if someone has job already because then they have nothing to lose and they can perform better. Personal development and the able to communicate well can also help in making a career at public services offices.

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