Feminism is among the most hotly contested characteristics in today’s world. Women are agitating for equal treatment as their male counterparts. This implies that equality is the center bolt of the feminist movement. In the first chapter of her book, titled “Full Frontal Feminism”, Jessica Valenti exposes the position occupied by females in the society as insignificant. In this regard, she defends feminists in this chapter in all possible manners. In fact, the language that she uses is a clear indication that she is a hard-core feminist as suggested by the topic "You're a Hardcore Feminist. I Swear."

Jessica assumes that most if not all young women are feminists. Her assertion is based on the view that most young women prefer equal treatment with men especially when it comes to salaries (p. 6). Although carefully curved, this idea may be lacking in the sense that it is materialistic. It is a common sense that pay should be allocated with respect to the work done. In other words, her example is weak given that qualifications are based on fundamental factors such as education and experience. This means that an equal pay for either of the sexes is justifiable without necessarily going along gender parities. Therefore, assuming that all young women are feminists using such an example is not sufficient.

Another tool that Jessica utilizes in defending feminism is trying to show that it does not oppose anything. She asserts that the ‘anti’ tag has been attached to feminists; thus, displaying them as opponents of normal or acceptable social practices. Thereof, she argues that such directions by females are intended to make them comfortable within the society; the feel good feminism. However, there seems to be a bias in this view. It is evident that feminists have been equivocal in opposing certain social norms especially those touching on gender roles. For instance, women are expected to perform certain duties unless they get a helping hand from males. However, Jessica’s ideas tend to make it mandatory for males to do certain duties in the society. She is also mistaken when she asserts that all women are brought up in a manner that makes them feel that something is wrong with them. Men have similar stories that emanate from the social environments they are brought up, meaning that not only females are affected. Therefore, her argument could be anti-male’s, given that an idea like this one is biased.

The feminist ideas expressed in this chapter cannot be taken seriously because of the language used. The use of a vulgar language is in itself dirty, meaning that even the ideas were crafted in an arrogant manner. This implies that even the dependability of this work is not guaranteed since a normal person may treat it as back street. Otherwise, the book could have been written for a certain group that may allow the use of unpleasant words. Although this may be justified to academicians, ordinary people may take it negatively and thus impart a negative effect to the society. For instance, female chauvinists and even gender stereotypes may use the language to reinforce their poor attitude towards women. Therefore, Valenti’s message could be self-demeaning or in other words inciting.

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The bitter fact that some people are more attractive than others is extremely ignored by Jessica when trying to defend feminists. Assuming that women do not become feminist because of their looks is mistaken. It is by human nature that everyone will always tend to offer a rebuttal technique in order to address his or her problems. Therefore, I think that most women who become feminists are in one way or the other unattractive, of course physically. This is the reason they would hide behind feminism in order to have their voices heard, and use the opportunity to express their views. After all, their male counterparts treat darned few attractive females badly. This means that most feminists believe in the movement just because they are desperate for recognition.

The current society is characterized by battle of the sexes, whereby each gender is fighting for its position. In this regard, this chapter addresses the issue as if women are being oppressed. For instance, page 12 suggests that feminism is being criticized for a simple fact that it is threatening male dominance. At least, this idea seems acceptable by any standards. Antifeminists are always of the view that the movement is after eliminating some ‘important’ aspects of life-male dominance. Therefore, Valenti could be well right in her assertion that feminism is helping women to take their rightful position in society. This is remarkably true if the rivalry we are experiencing all over the world is anything to go by. However, the book fails to recognize that competition will always exist in any society irrespective of gender parity.

Although the world has changed largely, there some issues which are likely to remain the same in different cultures. For instance, sex is an act that is only known to happen in a certain fashion. However, Jessica (p. 39) assumes that everybody should respond to the way people do sex. For example, she uses oral sex to explain how women are secluded in terms of doing sex. If her arguments are built on such ideologies, then the book could be addressing only the American society, which is characterized by such changes in playing sex. Some people are exceedingly conservative and will always follow what nature dictates about certain things. In other words, nature has put females in a certain position that seem disadvantaged. This is not to say that females are less significant, but naturally fit for certain things. The author forgets that nature is self-arranging, and any deviations may proof devastating. In addition, the language used is arguably not acceptable for any audience. Therefore, this chapter of the book demonstrates gross violation of some natural aspects, which could be mistaken.

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