Over the past few years, ‘Global warming’ has been on the headlines because of the concerns about its effects on the environment. Environmentalists say that globalization has brought good economic advantages to the globe, but the worst part of it is that it could also cause the humanity’s extinction in the next many years, if nothing is done to change the results of global warming and greenhouse effects. Moreover, researchers found that these two dreaded effects of globalization are caused by many human activities, which can be stopped or reduced if different nations come to a common agreement on how to fight global warming and greenhouse effects. Thus, in order to help this situation, governments must agree on how they can incorporate environmentally friendly laws and policies, such as, for example, regulation of deforestation, certain farming practices, production of toxic industrial gases by factories, and burning natural gases, oil, and coal. This is the ultimate solution to save communities and different countries of the world from harsh climatic conditions, such as drought, flooding, famine, and many others that result from global warming.

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Because of the importance of ‘change from below’ in the history of US reforms, social movements have taken the job from the grassroots level to push for the importance of national health reforms. They raise the awareness of the people about the importance of a good national healthcare reform, and force the government to adopt policies that will give citizens some health security. These campaigns have been pushing the government to redesign its health care system to care for everyone’s health needs. This is because a larger portion of the nation’s population could not seek attention at health facilities, either because it is too expensive and they cannot afford it or because the facilities are not accessible to them. This social movement is relevant, because it will finally give everyone access to health facilities. As a result, many deaths, which normally result from lack of treatment, will be avoided.

In other parts of the world, social movements like the National AIDS Movement in Kenya are very relevant as well. This is a movement that makes citizens aware about the causes of the sexually transmitted disease, AIDS, and teaches them about the various ways of contracting the infection and how to avoid it or protect themselves. Additionally, it tells people about the importance of knowing their ‘status’ and how to seek treatment if someone is infected with HIV. Nonetheless, the social movement encourages the community to avoid alienating infected individuals. Instead, they should be encouraged and accepted as normal members of the society. I think that this movement is very relevant in terms of giving necessary information to people who hardly know about the disease. It helps them to protect themselves, seek medical treatment, and live a normal life regardless of their HIV status.

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