Kyoto Protocol Essay Introduction

Global warming is anticipated to have diverse warming effects in as far as the different regions are concerned. Some of the regions are likely to experience hotter as well as drier situations as compared to others which may have an experience of much drier weather. The other effects that is associated with the global warming that has likewise been predicted include coastlines flooding, polar ice caps melting, changes in the patterns of precipitation, storms of severe intensity in addition to extensive changes in the balance of the prevalent ecology.

The models that exist at the moment anticipate that the sea levels may rise by a factor of 15 to 95 centimeters in the course of the coming century. This is an extent that may submerge the homes of a third of the population in the entire world. This would also be associated with the proliferation of a significant number of the diseases that are infectious as a result of habitat expansion for the vectors of the diseases such as the mosquitoes. Most of the existing species may fail to adapt to the changes of this nature that are very swift in as far as the climate is concerned leading to their extinction (Article, 2005).

Kyoto Protocol Essay Example

Human beings also take part in the enhancement of the greenhouse effect as a result of burning of the fossil fuels which include the coal, the natural gas as well as oil. The types of oils in this category have been a store for carbon for a long time as a result off the organic matter that is inherent in them. After they are burned, the carbon is liberated back to the atmosphere and after combination with oxygen, carbon dioxide is formed. This is a gas that has significant contribution to the increase in the greenhouse effect.

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The end of the effect of greenhouse gases is not simple. The reduction of the issue requires the implementation of emission standards that are specifically strict, the reduction of the use of the fossil fuels, development of alternative energy sources to replace the current fossil fuels, the elimination of the production of carbon dioxide, burning chlorofluorocarbons use, deforestation of mitigation, development of the techniques for agriculture among others (Wigley, 143-87).

The changes may be effective in the long run with regard to the energy use at the moment with a significant contribution to the economy as well as the industries. The step towards the innovative technologies in an attempt of reducing fossil fuels dependency for energy may spur high levels of economic growth. However, according to the critics, a program that is very effective for the implementation of a strategy to address the issue of global warming is very expensive.

Kyoto Protocol Essay Conclusion

The Kyoto protocol has been subjected to criticism due to the perception of some people that the restrictions imposed are only targeting developed countries on an international scale, leaving out the developed countries such as China, Brazil as well as India. (Wigley, 143-87). Other disagreements relate to the establishment of the carbon sinks as compared to the reduction of emissions, the claim of the carbon credits by a country in case of its assistance in the reduction of emissions, the most appropriate land changes to9 establish he carbon sinks and the procedures of enhancing the protocol as well as the penalty to the defiant countries. As a result of the failure of ratification, the legal binding of the treaty is non existent. The US had threatened to withdraw from the treaty in March 2001.

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