The process of socialization in a company relates to the issues of perpetuation of the culture of the organization. Any company has a duty to express concern about the organizational socialization process. This allows the proper environment for the newcomers to have acquaintance with the roles as well as the behaviors of the company in the most appropriate manner for their effective participation as the members of the company. Effective process of socialization has always been associated with the achievements of the outcomes of the organization on an individual perspective. (Kramer, 2010).

At the time that new people join a certain company, there is a requirement that they are exposed to the usual activities of the company and specifically their units and groups of work. The success in the proper functioning of the working group is usually indicated by the extent of achieving a forward progress with the coworkers as well as the superiors and the extent of proper interaction with the peers. A comprehensive socialization process in the company will lead to an understanding of the norms as well as the values that exist within the group. This is an avenue to the process of adjustment to the culture of the group in a manner that is satisfactory. The proper learning of the functioning of the company in the context of the unit of work is a preliquisite of effective socialization (Kramer, 2010).

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Socialization leads to the knowledge as well as the acceptance of the culture of the organization. The knowledge has the implication of the understanding of the employees with regard to the culture of the organization. Acceptance has the implication of the extent of the internalization of the organizational culture. New employees must gain familiarity of the culture of the organization (Kramer, 2010). The adjustments to the norms of the organization as well as its values are helpful as it is consequential to internalization of the essential norms that brings about a sense of self identity.

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