The organizations that play roles in manifestation of domestic violence also play a role in addressing other social injustice; including health and education. Thus, any effort to tackle family-based violence is entangled in the fight against any other social violence including racism. There are many forms of discrimination that are based on the color of someone’s skin and they occur at different social levels. All this forms of racism impact family’s stability in fight against domestic violence (Soileau, 2008).

            As indicated above, racial discrimination occurs at differing levels of societal life including institutional level. At institutional point discrimination may be experienced in terms of inequalities in right to use services and other forms of privileges found in a certain society due to financial, religion or educational status. It may also be practiced through unfair distribution of opportunities owning to the race an individual is affiliated to. Typically, given such a mold, domestic hostility emerges from a situation where the presumed Whites have greater access compared to Color people. The latter group will access limited finances, and other societal needs such as housing. From the same perspective of favoritism it is possible to find majority of color people being involved in activities that account to social injustices, such as crime. This is as a way of attaining a balance otherwise lost from unfair treatment by the Whites (Marcelino, 2009).

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            Another level of racism that contributes to familial violence is what some sociologists refer to as personal racism. This is bias perpetrated by persons against a member belonging to a different race. A person who has these attributes of a racist has high probabilities of suing a Color person than a White one. It’s this form of racism that causes a member of the society that is assumed to be weak in the eyes of a racist to be overlooked and blamed for any mistake. However, with society that is ready to take a different course, racism would be a thing of past (Bouton, 2011).

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