A social problem is a situation that some people in a set society see as objectionable compared to the normalcy of that society. Such problems are immoral acts like rape, murder etc. Some other social problems may only be viewed by certain group of people in the society, for example, smoking to some people is undesirable while to others is not.  Social issues are contentious relative to people’s individual lives and interactions. The three major social issues today are politics, people and places.

These problems are an enemy of the society at large and there is a combined effort in order to succeed in fighting them. The people should be willing to rally to this problem and sacrifice towards the war against them. The greatest misunderstandings about the three social problems are based on the following facts The problems have their own complexity though the efforts towards that war may appear to suggest just a simple enemy. These problems are multifaceted and require different levels and styles of approach. Another problem is that of victory. People seem to suggest that the war can be easily defeated but they seem to have a clear-cut line of victory. Every successful policy may appear a failure due to this implied success. The third problem is time. Because most wars have always been short and brief, the metaphoric thought of the people is that the war might be won in a short time. However, a number of the most successful policies have been gaining modest improvements over the time (Hobson, 57).

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Since the war against all the existing social problems have never been successfully won, we have first to identify the core problem to solve before we waste time on fruitless efforts. Since people discovered the need to fight these problems, there has not been a lasting unity geared towards the struggle (Eitzen, 67). The war metaphor may become a dramatic imagery for change process.

Therefore, people, politics and places are the only solution to these social problems. The government (politics) is bound to pass relevant laws that bypass the new and arising crimes. The activists (people) of social problems should be vibrant in their social movements so that less room is left for these problems to thrive. The diffusion of these crimes (place) should be checked so that concentration of the peoples and legislative efforts may bear some fruits in their endeavors.

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