The idea of communism stems from Karl Marx and Engels as its authors. On the side of the scientific method, Karl Marx had a couple of contributions. An adopted and maintained a consistent view within his work as the view that human societies were wholes and systems in which the social groups are interrelated. There are successors of Karl Marx that went on to propagate his theories leading to new branches of discovery such as analytical Marxism that took place in the 1980s. These included individuals such as G.A. Cohen and John Roemer. The theories and approaches of Karl Marx were insignificant during his time, but became widely debated in the next century.

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The concept of classes according to Weber was a bit Marxian in context relating to an economic interest group as a relation to the markets and not the social status group. However, his approaches are not Marxian ultimately because he tends to focus on the economic distribution instead of the means of production (Cox, 1950). He describes a class as people that share the same class or situation. According to Weber’s theory of stratification, there are three types of social mobility. A class has individuals with similar incomes as well as wealth. A party has people with the same amount of power per person while status is individuals with the same prestige.

I have experienced a social move in, which I was in a position of class to a position of prestige. This was brought about by a promotion to better paying job at the work place. The community had a reaction that was reverence whereby they had known perspective towards me and this was more so at the work place. At the present there may be subsequent moves to higher parties in the future and consolidate power. 

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