Sociology of family studies family as an institution and a unit of socialization. This concept of socialization is known through relationship between the nuclear family and industrial capitalism, and the different gender roles and concepts of childhood which arose with it. The current events relating to family sociology are interracial intimacy, marriage, divorce, alternative family reforms, motherhood / fatherhood and childhood.

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 Interracial intimacy has been viewed diversely due to building of race. Though the unions of this relationship and marriages have become more popular and socially acceptable in the United States and Western Europe since the civil rights era, a significant portion of the population does not accept it (Hughes & Blumer, 2012 ). According to Christian belief marriage started in the garden of Eden with  Adam and Eve's lifetime commitment between man and woman. The married couple produces children, forming a nuclear family. Some sociologists now dispute the degree of this idea thus reflecting the true structure of families in American society (Zinn, 2012). In western cultures, a mother is usually the wife in a married couple. Rising of offspring and being a parent as well as a caregiver. Fathers  head their families by giving financial support and critical decision making. For example, in Canada number of married couples raising children have decreased over the years (Hughes & Blumer, 2012). Single parent families are becoming more popular. This continues to rise, while it is four times more likely that the mother is the parent raising the child. Cohabitation is becoming increasingly accepted in Canada and it is common in Sweden and Nordic communities. Lesbian and gay  relationships may be allowed to offer equal rights to each citizen, and these are accepted in some parts of Spain and Canada. Children’s socialization and development are based on values that they have learned. The sociology of childhood considers the child as social actor and the generational order. In sum, functional family myth brings members together and promotes social solidarity and non functional family myths have negative consequences that disrupt the normal flow of family life.

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