Video games have in the past and present been very addictive and intriguing in the lives of the people involved in them. It affects all people regardless of the age. However, children are the most affected especially when they are not at school. The bad effects that have been occasioned by video gaming are reaching far and wide. The issue is not only about addiction to video games but addiction to violent video games. The effects and the consequences thereof brought about by the violent games are rather dangerously to the minds of gamer. Initially, it begins as a fun but the personality of the gamers is adversely affected. Children want to practice what they do with their video games when they sit in the front of the screen. The effects caused by video games in children are very much disturbing. Thus, this research paper asserts that, violent gaming causes violence attributes in children.

The violence seen in video games has had a catastrophic effect in the lives of the gamers who are mostly children. Wagner says that, playing video games may lead to more violence than watching the television. Wagner bases her conclusion from the studies conducted at Michigan State University (MSU) and Iowa State University. The video games are created in a way that deals with the psychology of the gamer. Therefore, video game has been created to make sure that the gamer is glued to the screen. Violent games have therefore been found to increase a psychological arousal in the gamers. They make them aggressive and may often develop less helpful tendencies after this kind of exposure.  

In the contemporary society, video games are characteristic of a very violent predisposition. The violence has mainly affected children who have curious gamers. They are at a stage of understanding and exploring the world and may not really control their behavior and remember that it was only a game. The psychological growth in children has not yet matured and they will often find themselves implementing what they do in the games in a real life situation. The violence in these games has emerged from shows that are not real. They have developed into games where violence can really be duplicated in the reality of life. This has given children and young individuals a kind of exposure that makes them think that they do not actually need to be regarded as young people at that tender age. Due to the fact that they want to get freedom from the authority of the adults, they turn out to be violent. In a study conducted the University of Heidelberg (UH) in Heidelberg, Germany Bluemke et al show that, playing a violent video game does increase the aggressive self-concept more than the case would be while playing simple games (pp. 1-13).

The emerging video games are characterized with sections of violence which tend to be very realistic to a point where real life violence is linked to video games that the criminal suspect had been playing before the crime. Violence in video games has increased the aggression and antisocial tendencies in young people and children. They have also gone to an extent of increasing fright in children when they have been caught in a compromising situation. Children are becoming less sensitive to violence and violence victims. In fact, what children to see is the violence that is being aired media. They appetite for violent entertainment becomes uncontrollable and destructive. Violent gaming has produced detrimental effects in these children because all moral values have been eroded. Olson et al in their study confirmed the degradation of values amongst adolescents from the exposure of Mature (M) rated games (pp. 188-198). In fact, children take the ideas that are evident in the video games and apply them in executing and planning their individual, actual life crimes or violent acts.

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   The use of weapons and guns is something thing that is common nowadays in the video games. Actually, many of the games that have been in homes today are being utilized in cause harm to other individuals. The daily items open up the minds of children and they can use anything as a weapon to harm people who in someway have been a bother.  All reality sense is lost in the lives of modern children due to the exposure to video games.

There are very many debates asserting that video games are becoming more violent and sexually explicit than was the case in the past. Children who are playing these games are becoming violent. They actually not appropriate for them. Children have a lot of potential and curiosity that needs guidance. When these behaviors are not controlled, then these children can become destructive. Parents are actually very irresponsible and have ruined the lives of their children thinking that they are raising them in the best way. The values that are being expressed in video games are too complicated for the children to understand. Some games show an experience of elder people and thus the child is forced to have the same feeling at such a tender age. It is unheard of to find a violent child except in special cases. Most people who tend to be violent are the teenagers but the case is turning out different due to video gaming.

Children below ten years are also involved in gaming. The exposure that the children are getting is working to their downfall. Brown explores the problem of minors getting access to M-rated video games and the results are disturbing (p.4). The case of minors gaming in computers shows alarming statistics. Violent gaming-related crime has been on the increase because everything is at the children’s disposal. Computers are all over. The violent video games are very much captivating and there is always a desired aroused to react to them in a real life situation. The world of technology has offered the entire world to our proximity right at the bottom of our feet through a mere button click.  With these developments, the effects are noticeable on both sides: positive and negative. The negative effects seem to affect the children in particular because there is a lot to be discovered in their future. The introduction of violent games to children makes them uncontrollable and erodes morality sense in them.

The subject may continue to be discussed but there is still lacking communication that highlights the need to curb this tendency in children. It is very disturbing to see the way children are falling prey to the ravages of violent games.  The children in their own comfort apparently are not getting tired of the playing, temptation, and torture and most important of all the violence each day where they are getting ideal settings and a pure manipulation for them and their minds. Even though video games have been there for sometime now, it has exhibited huge growth in recent times and it looks like a more outrageous video game is in the making or is being made available the next day. The children are plagued with pictures of horror and gruesome stories containing violence each and every day. This is all that is in most video games in the modern society.

According to Carll, Understanding that violent games are not the only factor in the contribution of aggression and violence, they are an important factor for it (B12-55). The exposure to violent video games has been found to increase the aggressive behavior that is seen in the modern child involved in video gaming. Youths have indicated hostility acts, aggressive behavior and thoughts, suspicious forms and the use of violence as they handle their conflict (Carll, B2-55).   The issues in here are serious things that have affected the fabric of our society and the children specifically. The values that hold children together and what they are supposed to believe in have completely been eroded. Children are slowly changed into a world of fantasy and living as though they never existed. Thus, violent gaming will ultimately be destructive in children. It is very clearly as seen from research and first hand experiences that violent gaming causes violence attributes in children.

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