IT in 2010: The next Frontier involves the predictions that a focus group, in 2005 predicted of the changes to information technology in five years time. The group foresaw changes to the information technology sector, in ten areas.


The message in the paper carries certain strengths. First, the paper addresses issues that can change judging by the previous milestones in information technology. Secondly, the message in the paper has used a feasible time-frame in terms of bringing a meaningful change. Thirdly, the paper uses a time-frame that has proven accuracy in terms of predicting what will happen in the future. Therefore, using that time-frame means that the results that will come out of the study have a high probability being factual.

The message has certain weaknesses. First, the paper relies on the time-frame that the other focus groups used. The fact that the time-frame worked well for the other focus groups does not mean that it will work for this focus group because different times have different characteristics that may shape up the growth of information technology. Secondly, the focus group relied on the accuracy of the other groups. The fact that the procedure worked for the other groups does not mean that the procedure will produce accurate results because it involves different people. Thirdly, the study relies on the press only, which could carry subjective information.

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The economic sector likely to benefit from the message involves the information sector that includes telecommunications sector and business organisations that use information technology, for instance banks. This is because; they make use of information technology systems in almost all of their operations.

The relevance of the document to the economy as a whole encompasses the fact that all parts of the economy should envisage the change and prepare themselves for the change, in information technology that will ease and make their operations effective. In this way, every student can build up a broad knowledge of the issues and applications of e- commerce since e-commerce uses information technology. Therefore, when students comprehend the change in information technology they can apply the changes to e-commerce for efficiency.


IT in 2010: The next Frontier has a significant influence on the economic sector as a whole. Therefore, all people should envisage the changes for the betterment of the economy.

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