Modern technology has solved many problems that man has been facing for a long time. Development depends on technology, without it there would be no economic development in the world. It has made life easier and safe. Everything is quicker and many things have been created because of the advancement in technology. It has made things that seemed impossible possible. Modern equipments have been created that make working easier. Mobile phones, internets, computers, and voicemail have made communication and research very simple. People can now look and apply for jobs through the internet, (Hafler, 2011).

However, technology has its negative effects. We cannot see the world without technology. We have become so used to the things that technology has brought into our lives to the extent of forgetting to appreciate our natural world. The internet is a source of knowledge, but it can also provide information that is not suitable for young people and children.

Organized labor

Unions are advocating for coordinate labor adjustment with technical planning. This is to minimize suffering by those laid off. Employers are encouraged to employ using contracts and are training them to use new machines. Employees who are to be retrenched or moved to other departments should be given notice early enough to enable them to prepare themselves.

Organized Labor has help in stopping the closing of many firms as they have a bigger bargaining power compared to individual laborers. When united the laborers have a stronger say in their working conditions. They come together and advocate for better working conditions. Such organized labor uses their leaders to bargain for the rest of the workers with their employers. They negotiate contract terms, work rules, wages, hiring, firing, and company policies, (Moreno, 2006).

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Organized labor has helped in ensuring that no workers are laid off because of company closure. They achieve this through organizing strikes or resisting against such actions. They also promote legislation of laws that favor them by voting for people whom they know will help them.


Subcontracting is an area that has many controversies. The trade unions have the duty of protecting the interest of its members and it applies when negotiating in a subcontract. The organized labor is faced with the challenge of deciding what is best for its members when negotiating in a subcontract. They have to base their decision on what will benefit its members. Their decision will depend on the terms of the subcontract and the motives of the employer. 

Employers use subcontracts as a flexible strategy to save the company from having to purchase expensive equipments or when the cost of production is less if the work given is for a subcontract. This may mean that the laborers may lose their employment due to the employers desire to cut down on the companies expenses. Unions are trying to solve this by using their power of collective agreement to restrict their employers from subcontracting, (Jones, 1988).


The Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act of 1988 have helped many employees. It has cushioned employees from dismissal from work without prior notice. The act has assisted in ensuring that the correct procedures are followed in case some workers need to be laid off. The workers are given enough time to be preparing to either undergo training or prepare him/her to leave and look for another job. However, this act may not be useful when employees and employers manipulate the terms of the act to suit their circumstances. The acts do not protect all the employees and employers equally as it gives conditions on who should benefit from it and who should not. This if unfair for the workers in companies that have less than 100 employees as they can be laid off at any particular time and there is nothing they can do, (Jennings, 2005).

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