History of online video games and role-playing games

The history of role playing games dates back to 1970's when it first begun on the mainframe computers and it was inspired by the pen and paper type of role playing games like the Dungeons & Dragons. Resulting from the success of some role playing games like the Final fantasy and the Dragon Quest, came there was divergence of the role playing games into two culturally distinct sub-genres which included: the Japanese role playing genre and the western role playing genre. During the mid 1990's the multiplayer modes of role playing games gained popularity at the expense of the initial single player mode games. Examples of the multi player mode role playing games included the Secret of Mana and the Diablo. Recently with the advent of the internet, the role playing games have massively grown and it includes games like the Final Fantasy XI and the World of Warcraft though many the role-playing games have remained to be continuously influenced by the Dungeons & Dragons (DiVanna, 2003).

Postman's Argument

In this expert postman argues that every technology comes with both negative as well as positive effect on the society that adopts and uses it. Technology serve to improve a vast  number of things when it comes to human existence but  still technology must be received in the society with a wide open eyes as it also comes with a number of things that are not favorable to the human survival (Postman's, 1995). In addition to that argument post man also brings the idea that with coming and use of technology it's bound to group of people who lose while other win from using it (DiVanna, 2003). For instance e the coming of automobiles has erased the services provided by the blacksmiths (Barlow, & Roberson, 1994).

Post man in his expert The Judgment of Thamus also argues that with the introduction of television in classrooms, the services provided by school teachers will no longer be required and hence bringing their services to an end. Finally postman belief that with the coming of technology which he terms as technology there is need for an increased vigilance for change that occurs as new technology is introduced to the society hence directing the society to the path that is lies in the middle of the road in order to bale to maximize on its benefits while minimizing on its negative effects.


The game of Final fantasy has been around for decades and since then it has attracted a large community that has contributed to the popularity of the game. The community of people garnered by the game include those who want to engage in the battling game, majority of the people in the online community developed just for the interests of the game, another community that has been built by the game are those who like to gathering, others are for synthesis purposes, another community who have been attracted by the game are the socialites who want to social with other players and fans of the game (Vintage, 2003).

Finally there is the community of people who join the community for other various reason better known to them like adventure and to satisfy their curiosities. The online community of people has been increasing each an every year as the popularity of the game spread beyond Japanese borders due to translation of the came into other languages and thus has attracting a diversity of people from different cultures across the world like America, Europe and Canada (Barlow & Roberson, 1994).

Change in technology have also affected on how people relate with each other in a community set-up mainly due to the way they communicate. Technology usually changes means of communication and source of information; Hence, replacing the conventional means which was being used there before.

Impact of the Game

The game has been found to improve the learning abilities of its players especially when it comes to writing ability, structural organization, vocabulary and it has led to increased level of socialization on the part of the shy individuals. The game as its ideas on fantasy theme has been found to have some therapeutic benefits to those who have some disorders. Emotional stability has also been associated with players or fans of final fantasy unfortunately some of them have also been found to develop some criminal tendencies which are the main theme of the battling game of the final fantasy. The game has promoted interaction between the players at various levels and it has led to formation of an online community that is connected by similar interest of playing the final fantasy game hence the globalization effect is enhanced especially with the advent of advanced technology like internet (Vintage BooksRose, 2003).

Effects of Technology

Technology has greatly expanded the use and advancement of role playing games as new and more convenient software have been discovered and it has boosted the quality of the graphics of the game as well as the overall experience for the users and players especially with the advent of 3D and the increased internet access role paling games have been expanded immensely (DiVanna, 2003).

The game is intended to be for fun and transit individuals to explore the limits of their fantasies and consequently deriving pleasure and satisfaction but it has also transmitted wrong messages of engaging in conflict as they tend to believe that just as it is in the game such deeds might as well be taken lightly in the society.

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