Organizational activities are governed by market driving forces that identify the consumer needs and demands creating opportunities for businesses to generate revenue. The complexity of the operating environment today has made it a challenging task for managers to balance the functions of various departments. Schein (1993) has rightly stated the formation of the culture where the people learn and adapt to the external and internal conditions of work which has proven to be successful which is taught to the new entrants as the method to proceed with their job. The goals and objectives of the airline industry can only be met with hard work, planning, investment and execution which require a strong organizational culture (Keyton, 2005).

The internal capabilities of Virgin Airlines are identified as an innovative approach to customer service and a supportive organizational culture that seeks to enhance customer experience and stakeholder values. Virgin Airlines has managed to set a high service standard through its adaptation to high tech service management approach and creative strategies that have enabled the company to gain competitive advantage. This combined with a strong organizational culture has helped the Airlines retain its market leadership position in Australia. Organizational culture in the airline industry is mission critical as it has not only a direct impact on the growth of the airlines financially but also has an impact on the safety of the passengers on board. Virgin airlines are a good example where the organizational culture has been stemmed with the efforts of their senior and top management. The top management has been effective in gaining the trust and confidence of the middle managers ensuring smooth operations and efficiency in management practices.

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The organizational culture which the company has carried over the years deserves great appreciation as the top management starting from the CEO to the grounds level persons has shown great determination and application. The organization culture has been a top down approach with the top management emphasizing the need and putting the root for organizational excellence. The senior management has ensured that the employees have easy access to them for any issues at the workplace.

The airliner has always recruited very high esteemed professionals who have done a world of good for the organization values where each and every staff believes in what they do. This has made their services be remarkably of a very high standard which has made them the industry leaders financially even on slow markets which is highly commendable.

In the aviation sector, the strategy is based on certain key factors which are mainly the global concern over safety and customer service excellence. Accidents and poor service records are attributed mainly to socio-technical problems where the people involved have shown below par results as far as customer service and technical know how is concerned. Management commitment, customer centric and employee involvement are the three critical success factors that are a driving force for the airlines. The company has won several accolades including the title for the best airline and the best staff service in Australia Pacific at the World Airline Awards (Virgin Australia website, 2012).

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