This paper seeks to establish through analyses whether an outsider or insider will make us understand more about our cultures. This paper also seeks to apply the analysis to the course study which is related to cultural pluralism.

Campus life can be a very interesting period in a student’s life but can also be a nightmare. This is because of the cultures in the campus. The outsiders and insiders entail the minority and the majority at the campus or institution. The voices of the minority or the outsiders are often neglected but they have a great contribution to the society that can help us to understand more about our cultures. Most of the times the minorities suffer in silence, their pain, anger and feelings are an obstacle and a challenge in the entire campus period. On the other hand, the majority or the insider does not desire to be involved with the minority.

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The concept of insider and outsider is influenced by tradition. This tradition brings out problems in traditions and cultures of different people. The big question is who has the inside information about the cultures. Is it the outsider or the insider? Insiders build their own groupings and separate themselves as foreigners. An insider actively participates in the traditions and culture and recognizes the cultures. The insiders therefore identify themselves with the traditions and cultures. In this way they are in a better position to make us understand the cultures and traditions (Gay. 224). The insider is, therefore, the beginner and the outsider is the adopter of the cultures. However, this does not mean that the beginner is a better performer than the scholar or the adopter of the cultures and traditions. It all depends on the method of active participation in the traditions and the cultures.


This essay has analyzed in argument from the inside cultures vs. the outsider cultures in a campus. The paper seeks to determine who amongst the insider and the outsider play the most important role in making us understanding our cultures and traditions.

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