This essay seeks to analyze gender roles and the customs of past creations dictating the use of sociological imagination. It also seeks to apply sociological imagination to the many problems faced by the norms from the past generations to the present times.

Gender roles can be classified as cultural roles and personal roles. These roles are not only important but necessary as well. This is because the roles determine how individuals think, interact, dress and speak. It is important to note that gender roles are reinforced by many different socializing agents such as teachers, parents, television, movies among many others.

There are many untold stories about rape. Female rape is often talked about and reported but male rape is never talked about.  Male rape happens and has become an instrument of war in the gender roles of men. However, the loud silence or the systematic silence does not give solutions to the victims of rape, neither does it resolve such problems. Failure to resolve this problem only perpetrates mental pain, physical pain and social stigma. In such a case, gender roles can be defined as a situation or an agreement by the victim and perpetrator to enter into a conspiracy of silence and why men who have survived rape loose the comfort and support of those around them once their story is found out.

Gender oppression is an example of sociology oppression. Sociology oppression can be understood on the example of a bird that is caged.. In this regard, it is important for an individual to start learning who they really are. This will help them to understand themselves and figure out their dynamics, sorrow and fears. However, one thing that is evident from all the sociology oppression is that sorrow does not last for long but can be controlled if the individuals understand who they are.

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Gender pay gap is another aspect of sociological imagination. Working women are blamed for practically all the mistakes that happen in their homes and work places in their absence. These problems are deeply embedded in the disadvantages experienced by working mothers and the advantages experienced by working fathers. This simply means that even if women would choose to work more, the gender pay gap would still exist (Berger 567).

Social oppression and data can be analyzed quantitatively through statistical techniques and methods. These method and techniques include conceptualization, research design, operationalization and measurement. Socialization classics are important in the framing and shaping of perspectives shared and argued by political and contemporary social thinkers. These social conflicts arise from symbols and forms of social solidarity, different ideologies and culture and how these ideals are shared and divided in order to affect the analysis and study of human history in the human society (Ritzier 786).

Many different sociologists have developed various levels of theories. These theories range from grand theories, specific micro range theories and highly contextualized theories. These theories depend on specific situations, certain situations and contexts. For example a class work study on suicide by Emile Durkheim’s, who was interested in explaining suicide as a social phenomenon, which can be employed in theory and data to explain the context of a suicide.

 This paper has discussed the gender roles and the customs of the past creations by taking into consideration the social imagination aspect. The essay has applied sociological imagination in the topic and established that it is a self related social factor. The essay has used examples of rape and well being among others.

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