An effective communication strategy to be used in the case of corporate affairs just like the case of Lewis (2002) will requires openness. An effective communication strategy which can be used by Lewis will be a direct channel communication to mean that there will be a one to one communication between the people who are concern. Other methods can be used alongside this method whenever it is possible. However for the case of Lewis it is highly advisable that a direct communication will be appropriate. This will ensure that through communication unclear issues will be cleared.   

The most effective message strategy which should be used is that which enables the recipient of the message. For instance, when they are some kind of debate then the strategy which can be used should be one which gives all the parties a chance to view their opinions. In such a manner it will be possible for a popular and common conclusion to be arrived at. An effective message strategy is one that enables the recipient to remember it most of the time.

For the case Lewis, a one to one message strategy should de used. Some picture messages especially those related with the physical security may also be used. These messages which in most cases are in pictorial form a good source of recalling.        

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Jeanne decided to learn directly from her staff. She applied a direct and one to one channel in gathering information. For instance on page six, Jeanne talks about warning her new staff about asking them a lot question. On the same page it is written that, “she scheduled multiple meetings with each of her direct reports to make sure that she understood their particular function and fit within the department,” then she goes ahead and call this, ‘pulsing the floor’(Lewis p. 6).

The direct communication proved to be quite effective. It was possible to get ideas flows across the board. In the case analysis the article narrates about employees talking and sharing their ideas. This happened when Lewis introduced the discussion of the reports. Such kind of talking involves member group discussion helps to pull up resource and especially on new ideas. One is able to get answers to questions asked. This helps to give a clear picture of the situation in question. It is also a faster way of making clearer contentious issues as it presents a discussion kind of forum.   

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