College education has been embraced by majority of the countries all over the world. The United States introduced the higher learning institutions because they saw a need whereby the high school level of education was not sufficient to cater for their needs of fast economic development. The colonialists introduced college education in African continent. Their core aim was to impart knowledge on Africans so as to open up more channels of ensuring their stated goals and objectives are followed to the point and eventually achieved. From the introduction, many individuals may have to several questions in their minds. Such questions may include, why is college education important? Who funds college education?

Compared to high school education, college education has got concrete importance. College graduates have got more opportunities than their high school counterparts. They are in a better position to obtain well paying jobs that are currently available all over the world. U. S has undergone much transformation over past. For instance, they have moved a level high from the known manufacture- based economy to a knowledge based economy. Students who undergo the college education also have an opportunity of reading and listening keenly to their tutors. An elusive culture of reading books and understanding them is imparted on them hence vital to their degree or diploma courses. It is through the developed reading culture that students are stimulated to better thinking, being inquisitive and also better exploration of new ideologies that are modern to the current world (John Smart, pg 174).

More valuable resources are obtained with much ease when a person is in possession of college education. During an individual college career, one is able to interact with his/ her college mates, who might be of help in future when looking for employment opportunities. Promotional opportunities are prone to those with college degrees or diplomas, compared to high school graduates. This fact therefore shows the current direction in which the world is taking, since unlike earlier days, high school graduands has got narrow opportunities in benefits of prestigious job opportunities.

Many people go for college education for different reasons. If a research was to be carried out on a particular day, many individuals may come up with a reason such as earning much money. This is because the current world values money more than anything else. It's true that the graduate who has degree certificates gets more pay than those with high school diplomas. This is because of their potentiality to ensure that an organization in which they are subjects to excel. When a comparison is made between organizations whose employees are high school graduates and that employs college graduates, it is quite certain that organizations run by high school graduates contemplates shutdown decisions due to poor managerial skills and misappropriation of funds.

From exclusive research carried out by professionals, it was established that college education is an appropriate investment linked with much profitability. They established that in every dollar spent on an individual's college education, approximately thirty five dollars is earned back upon the employment of that same individual. This has positively impacted on majority and has propelled them to go for degree programme with a surety of gaining back what they spent in funding their education. The professions further established that unlike other investments or rather assets, college education gains appreciation in value other than depreciation which is associated with many investments in the world (Ellen Frye, pg 205).

Better quality of life is lived by a college graduate compared to other individuals. Studies shows that college graduates are associated with long life span. With sufficient income, an individual can access better health facilities and served with highly qualified staff. It is from such good health facilities that people are provided with advice on better dietary and health practices suitable for their families. Economy of countries with high number of graduates is more stable and has got greater securities compared to other graduates. This is because from their pay or rather their salary, the graduates loyally pay the government taxes. Such revenues generated by the local government are then channeled back to the tax payers through construction of modern infrastructures, establishment of social amenities such as hospitals, schools and even religious institutions.

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Provision of college education has further been of great importance to governments of many countries. The level of dependency on government assistance has been drastically minimized since graduates are able to generate income for their basic needs. This has hence allowed many governments to forge ahead in ensuring the stability of its economy and also boosting security levels to ensure that their country is free from external interference. Despite being the limelight of the country's prosperity in economy, graduates have also been role models to the young and upcoming generations. They have articulated for the basic continuity of education. It is of rare circumstance to find any child of a graduate going for something less than a degree programme. This is because of the positive attitude that graduate parents impart on their children. Graduates have also ensured continuity of education by offering a helping hand to the bright but needy students. Others have even gone a step higher by organizing live performance with students and teaching them on the importance if possessing a degree certificate.

College education has also boosted the business activities across the world. This is not only through the better managerial skills that they avail but also through their purchases. When one undergoes a degree programme, a reading culture is imparted on him/ her. Once that individual is out of college, he/ she intend to further his/her knowledge. This fact therefore propels him/her to purchase more and more educative books, which not only boost their knowledge but also promotes the business activity.

When it comes to democracy, it is known that graduates embrace democracy since they undergo several lessons pertaining democracy in colleges. It is in universities where students learn on leadership skills. Since colleges are widely renowned in research works, students are in a position to research on democracy and leadership at large. At the course of research, they establish the causes of poor leadership, its impact and the most appropriate measures to handle such situations. Upon graduation, students would have had adequate confidence and in a better position to exercise democratic rights, because of their wide knowledge on governance.

The communities also benefits from college level of education. College graduands have been associated with charitable activities as a way of giving back to the society. They participate in volunteer works such as maintaining the environment. In addition, criminal activities has been dealt with since many graduates are too busy and do not have time to engage in social evils such as corruption, violence among others. The high demand of graduates from various organizations has enhanced massive absorption of the workforce hence the idle capacity has been minimized (Kathleen Hartman and Thomas Stewart, pg 80)

Despite being of great importance, college education has been faced by many setbacks. Apart from gaining knowledge from the education offered, some of the students engage themselves in immoral behaviors such as prostitution and massive use of hard drugs. This has been a negative show to the public which has more often raised questions on the real competence and appropriateness of college education. Almost all societies are against such immorality. It is not surprising to find some of the parents or guardians denying their children a chance to go to college because of such evil deeds. In addition, funding college education is not such easy. It is too demanding when it comes to payment, hence many might shy off due to their financial inability.

Many governments have positively responded to such critical issues facing college education, since they are for its continuity. Prostitution is usually associated with dangerous diseases such as gonorrhea and worse of it HIV/Aids. Governments of various countries have responded to this by creating public awareness on the dangers of prostitutions. They have also gone a step high by providing protective gear to students with an aim of preventing them from exposure to deadly diseases. The use of drugs has also been prioritized by many governments. Special teams in governments have been set aside to create public awareness on dangers of drugs such as cocaine, heroin among others. Individuals found in possession of such drugs have been subjected to harsh punishments. This has created fear to students hence the use of drugs has been reduced. When it comes to funding, the government has responded college expensive rates by providing scholarships to the bright students. In addition, most governments set aside some capital in its budget so as to avail loans to the college students. Furthermore, bursaries are provided hence this has made students to have an opportunity to explore their potentialities through access to education.

In summary, an assumption can be made that college education means prosperity to individuals who undergoes it, better enhancement of quality life,  quality living standards, a good model to upcoming generation and important of all, a leeway to economic prosperity of any nation.

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