There have been a lot of changes in public education in the United States of America (USA). Some of them include privatization and the rapid increase in the use of virtual education. This has greatly changed the shape of the traditional brick and mortar schools.

I would like to strongly support online education. Many investors should come up to establish a lot of virtual high schools. If this happens, a lot of learners will get an opportunity to further there education without unnecessarily travelling to schools. Virtual schools will enable students to learn in their own pace and select the most appropriate course for them without unnecessary influence from the teachers. Besides, it will create flexibility and give room to the children who may not be interested in going to school.

However, virtual education may not be applicable to all sorts of learners because of their uniqueness. Unless well designed, it may not benefit slow learners and those with special needs like the disabled. This is because such students require extra coaching and attention, guidance and counseling. At the same time, it may be quite difficult to acquire a typical home chat room conducive for all sorts of subjects. This will make virtual education an expensive affair in the long run.

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If all the major stake holders are brought together as a team, virtual education will greatly develop and appeals to the corporate world. As a result, it will attract more investors to come up and supplement government efforts. A part from providing an alternative education, it will be a relief to the political leadership of USA. Its success will obviously kill the brick and mortar schools. No student will opt to go to school to be bullied or infected with allergies.  This will make the brick and mortar schools lose value and eventually disappear.

In conclusion, I would like to say that the emergence of virtual education will make an imminent contribution to public education. However, the program should be properly designed by involving all the professionals and all the stake holders. This will make it address the diverse needs of American graduates.

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