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Please, let me introduce myself by outlining my academic background and work experience that may help you to understand my professional objectives.

I was born on September 20, 197X, in Seoul and was brought up in a middle-class family. Therefore, I did not experience any financial difficulties during my childhood. My father always emphasized the Confucian virtues of politeness, filial duty, and love between family members. I should say that my childhood was quite happy.

From 1987 to 1990, I attended the XXX High school. Since that time, I started to dislike the Korean education system. Therefore, I made up my mind to study abroad and get my further post-secondary education there. My accumulative GPA is 3.92 out of 4.00.

At that time, the Korean education was relied too much on the private tutoring market. At the moment, I am not quite sure about what the typical Korean high school is like. However, I remember that 25 years ago, most of high school students slept or dozed off during classes. After such classes, students usually entered private academic schools (like Hagwon) and had to study hard there. Naturally, students do not trust the public education system and public educational establishments.

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Furthermore, I lacked opportunities to reveal my creative potential during classes. Teachers were focused too much on their teaching to memorize information instead of developing our creativity. Such an approach forced me to think in a framework way, despite the fact that I had a different opinion or answer. Perhaps, the only skill I trained during my study at high school was effective memorizing of information. Thus, in my preparation for tests, I merely had to learn the skills that are necessary to select the correct answers in multiple-choice questions. With such state of events, it seems to me that South Korean students are programmed but not taught. For example, students have no time to ponder the fundamental question of the meaning of life.

In 1991, I was called for my military service that is compulsory for all the young Korean man. During that period of my life I learned how to be patient, acquired some of the leadership skills, and practiced my communication skills, which helped me to develop my personality. After being released from military service, I went to New Zealand to study English as a part of my further post secondary education. After one-year at school, one of my best friends insisted on my studying at XXIT in Canada. I like Canada because it is safer, friendlier, and more tolerant for the representatives of other cultures. As far as the XXIT is concerned, I should say that it offers an intensive training and is one of the most recognized post-secondary schools in Canada.

In 1999 I graduated from the British Columbia Institute of Technology with Diploma in Marketing Management. I attended 35 courses relevant to business and had almost 120 credits from XXIT. If I had studied for one more year, I would have got the Bachelor of Business Administration degree at XXIT. Initially, I planned to get the Bachelor’s degree there.

However, at that time, severe financial crisis hit South Korea and the exchange rate for Korean won to Canadian dollar almost doubled. Therefore, my parents were not able to pay for my tuition fees and living expenses any more. I had no other options than to postpone receiving my Bachelor’s degree for better times. I decided to come back to Korea and find a job. My goal was to work for one or two years and save some money in order to be able to pay for my tuition fees and go back to Canada to complete my Bachelor’s degree. However, it appeared to be difficult for me to quit my job after one or two years.

Having worked for a company for more than 11 years, I thought it was my last chance to study to complete a degree. I realized that the older I got, the more difficult it was for me to study. Therefore, I quit my job and applied for many US universities. I was accepted to the Washington State University, the University of Wisconsin, and the University of Minnesota among others. I chose to study at the University of XXXX. In May 2013, I finally received a Bachelor of Science in Business Management at the University of XXX, XXX. This university belongs to one of the five campuses within the U of XXXX System. After that I have 165 credits related business at two institutions. It means that despite the fact that I hold a Bachelor’s degree (that requires nearly 120 credits), my total amount of credits can be compared to the Master’s level.

I chose business management as my undergraduate major because I thought it was a practical science, which prepared students to develop their leadership potential and undertake responsibilities in the business world. I believed this major could allow me to learn a lot about marketing, human resources, innovation management, operation management, and strategic management.

After graduating from the University of XXXX, I have been working for a search firm as a headhunter since September 2013. My main responsibility was to help business organizations to seek candidates to fill vacant positions, typically at the senior or executive management level. In particular, I had to negotiate the annual salaries between my client and the candidates, interview the top candidates, etc. The reason why I considered changing my job was that the salary of a headhunter was not stable. I only got the commission that was correlated with successful candidates’ salaries who I recommended. Naturally, I wanted to get a job, which would give me stable salary.

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From November 2000 to December 2011 I worked for XXX Emigration Co Ltd in the position of a director. Our company helped Koreans emigrate predominantly to the USA and Canada. During that time, I worked for the two departments. From November 2000 to December 2007, I worked for the Marketing and Sales Department (the Consulting Department) as a team manager. My main duties at this department were to develop marketing strategies and to meet the sales goals. I needed to attract new clients to our office for seminars using the effective marketing strategy. I consulted the clients regarding emigration trying to conclude the contract with them. I received some processing fees for that job. Every Saturday, I held an emigration seminar at our office or rented the Bank office in each of the provinces in Korea. I conducted the presentation as a main speaker. After a seminar, I usually received positive feedback from clients. For example, they called me a reliable person and were willing to sign contracts with our company.

I was responsible for meeting the sales targets through using effective marketing strategies and consultation methods. I trained new employees on immigration laws of various countries and taught them to use sales skills. Also, I evaluated target markets, conditions of the current market, information about competitors and analyzed alterations of the marketing plan as was required. In addition, I had to set the marketing strategy. I was considerably motivated to achieve and exceed the set targets. Usually, I was successful in hitting all the sales targets and improved them by 10% with every coming year. Also, I had to research and use new strategies to increase the company's profits and efficiency.

From January 2008 to December 2011, I worked for the Processing Department (the Operations Department) in the position of a director. I was responsible for the day-to-day management of the company. Even when clients signed contracts with our company, it normally took more than two years to get a permanent residence visa, thus, some clients complained a lot to my staff due to delay in processing and refused from their application. Therefore, I had to manage handling clients’ complaints, mediate conflicts, and promote communication between staff and clients. I needed to involve overseeing and bearing responsibility for all the activities in the company which contributed to the effective and high-quality services.

My other duties were to check out clients’ qualifications, to maintain and supervise the adequate translations of Korean documents into English. I also frequently communicated with each country’s immigration lawyers and the Embassy of Canada, the USA. It was essential for me to know each country’s immigration law. I had to review clients’ cover letters and business plans in cooperation with our hired lawyers and accountants. Under the business category, clients were required to submit detailed business plans to the local governments. Sometimes, I wrote clients’ cover letters and business plans on behalf of our hired lawyers and accountants when they were busy.

Under the EB-5 category, clients were required to invest at least $500,000 into the USA, which was not guaranteed to be refunded. Thus, I needed advanced knowledge of finance to be able to review and analyze EB-5 business projects of the USA in order to determine whether or not these projects were safe. I had to check the balance accounts and establish the contact between the company and clients. I managed all the processing of immigration process. Those activities enabled me to understand the importance of cooperation and to learn how to maintain harmonious relationships with others.

As a headhunter, I realized that there was a great deal of age discrimination in Korea. It was quite difficult for those who were over 40 to get a decent job. To the best of my knowledge, in the USA, Canada, and Western countries, age discrimination was illegal, so I think that multinational companies in Korea might have had more flexible policies toward the age for candidates. Therefore, I would like to become a part of a team of multinational companies in Korea.

Furthermore, a lot of Korean companies considered my work experience in a foreign company and a search firm not to be matching their requirements for a particular position. Moreover, they also did not recruit candidates who came from small companies, as in my case.

Despite the fact that I do not have any experience in big Korean firms, I am confident that I can do better than those who come from big companies. I believe that I have many advantages over those who came from big companies. They include presentation skills, customer management skills, and marketing skills. My intensive course work at XXIT and U of XX, as well as work experience at XXX Emigration and search firm, gave me excellent marketing, sales, and management skills that are useful for many companies in the business field.

However, I also have some weaknesses: age, working experience at small companies, and little relevance to my previous positions. Therefore, if you hire me, I will entrust my salary and job title to your company. Moreover, I am ready to agree on the salary that is usually offered to new employees. Also, I agree on a 6 months to 1 year probation period. If my skills do not meet your expectations during that period, it will be right from your side to consider my dismissal.

Self Introduce Essay Conclusion

I am confident that I can be useful to your company in marketing, sales, client management, and business management that are my specializations (human resources management, innovative management, operations management, and strategic management). In addition, I am active, tenacious, and enthusiastic, which allows me to fit multi-task positions.

For your information, I also enclose a resume, which adequately reflects my qualifications. In case you need to clarify anything with me, please, let me know. I would be delighted to come to your office for an interview at any time, which is convenient. Even if there is no any vacancy that fits my skills in your company, please, keep my resume in your database for the occasion when this position becomes open.

Thank you for your time.

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