If I were given a responsibility to oversee the success of this program, I would face the challenge of inadequate funds, time and cooperation from all the concerned stakeholders. It would be quite challenging to mobilize attendants to actively participate in this program. They may find it so hard to freely sacrifice their busy schedule for it.

At the same time, I may face the challenge of meeting the planned budget for the whole program. This is because; it will fully be sponsored by the government. Hence, it is important to look for alternative sources of money so as to cater for all the expenses to be incurred during the entire period of the seminar. It may be very be very bad if I only depend on one source for funding. Because, for whichever reasons, I fail to receive the money as expected, all the plans will fail. So, it is considered opinion to look for alternative sources.

It may also be challenging to accomplish the targeted goals of the program because it does not have its own pool of paid workers to carry out its duties. Fully depending on volunteers is not the best thing to do since volunteers will not deliver their best services compared to paid workers. Hence, it is important to hire paid workers who will be responsible and directly answerable to the authority.

Is it an asset?

On the other hand, I would like to commend the Federal Government of the United States of America for this innovative intervention. In deed, Professional Volunteer Disaster Survey Team (PRO-V-DST) is an asset. It is the best thing to happen in the history of this country because it is having a lot of benefits to the people. I argue in its favor because of the following reasons:

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i) It is cheaper and fully sponsored by the government. This makes it so appealing to many people who may be lured to join it. Besides, it will fully rely on the volunteers to carry out the surveys and evaluations

ii) It is time conscious because, unlike others, it only requires two days to accomplish its evaluations. This makes it be better because time itself is an important asset.

iii)It provides a network for pro-building inspectors and structural engineers to form teams that can benefit both county and federal governments. These will be invaluable ventures that will help n addressing the emergency cases arising allover.

How I can handle the country manager

In my capacity as an authority, I can commend the country manager for being an all round informed and dynamic personality. He is an example of a professional manager who takes time to scan, understand and evaluate his working environment. Hence, I would accord him the necessary support he needs.

First, I would give him the best team of employees to assist him in doing his job. Through this, he will have other well minded colleagues whom he can confide in and collaborate to work together. This will actually boost his morale to do what will help the country in mitigating such catastrophes.

In addition, I would give him further motivation by encouraging him to attend a series of seminars, workshops and conferences. It is through these functions that he will interact with other well minded fellows and get an opportunity to acquire more knowledge and get informed on the emerging trends in the country.

Therefore, I would motivate him by giving him allowances for all the seminars attended. Moreover, I would collaborate with him through giving him all the other money needed to keep him comfortable during such seminars. Meaning, I will cater for his travel, accommodation and upkeep expenses.

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