The service that I completed for make a difference day involved my full participation at the Customer service in elixir cafe & restaurant. Make a difference service can be defined as a true community service offered by people who are willing to volunteer in services with an aim of assisting people in need (Perez 71). Changing the world cannot only be done by use of resources or more finances.

Thesis Statement: There is a need for real community services from people who are willing to make the change.

The scholarship committee usually makes it a requirement for applicants to participate in community service so as to gain the critical thinking link that community service offers. Through community services students have the prospect of applying the situation in intellectual learning to using their knowledge for thinking. This is by the use of real human needs in situations where it may be required. Therefore, learning through services makes a provision for student motivation which is necessary in transferring hypothetical knowledge to actual practice (Perez 72). The qualities or character traits required of students is critical thinking and the ability to elaborate on their knowledge. Hence, this is the reason why students have to participate in these programs for eligibility.

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Real community service involves doing something for someone else without intending to get money or a reward (Perez 75).  It can be carried out by doing effortless acts such as painting a wall at a local apartment. Real community service should assist other people other than the person delivering the service. Real community service should be done, not because one gets obligated to do it but because one is willing. Real community service is more significant than internship and voluntary service because both parties benefit; the person providing the service benefits the same way as the person who gets the free service. Voluntary services can be said to be an aspect of real community service.

Everyone in the world has goals and dreams that they want to achieve (Perez 73). Despite where one lives, their language and age, everyone has one or two things that they would like to achieve before they die. Participating in Customer services is a form of community service, since one devotes their efforts and time to assist different individuals. Community service can hence be said to be a random act relating to kindness, since the free service can be delivered to someone who is not familiar. However, this does not entail assisting complete strangers, but one’s judgement can be used in offering those who need help.


My participation at the Customer service in elixir cafe & restaurant impacted on me greatly as I am able to enjoy what I usually do. Going home aware that my services have impacted on people positively is comforting. Conclusively, picking a community service that right for people is the most appropriate way of loving of understanding the service itself.

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