The organization that I choose to volunteer was the association for helping the blind in New Hampshire whereby my organization raised funds which was directed to the association of the blind in New Hampshire.

The amount of money that was specifically used for fundraising in the organization amounted to 40 thousand US dollars. The organization treasurer and the secretary gave members the figures that were raised during the fundraising meeting held by the organization.

The cost of fundraising was balanced in that the organization members were given chance to contribute certain amount that in total managed to contribute half meaning ten thousand dollars while the other ten was raised by well wishers and the charitable groups. Also the members were given chance to also add if they are capable of doing so.

After reviewing the documents on the fundraising of the association for the blind in New Hampshire I found out that the member's contribution managed pull up figures for fundraising in that they contributed most of the money collected. Also the allocation of the funds was fair the association of the blind clearly stated the amount of funds required to boost their financial plans and solve where they experienced deficit in cash. The allocations to the departments of the association were fair for each department presented its budget which was catered for by our organizational financial sector (William, 2010).

The association has its source of revenue which help them generated income that sustain them. They have small businesses that act as association's source of income and create employment to the association members (Teddy, 1996). Our organization through funding and providing services to the blind we have assets like schools that help in training the blind people to achieve their dreams through offering skillful training that in turn is changed to be useful the society. The school offers curriculum that maintains discipline and restores pride and self esteem in them. Besides that they are able to generate individual income through there skills and talent (Drucker, 1988).

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Through certain groups and other organizations with well wishers, we managed to purchase assets and give them to the blind association. Also for the organization runs a chain of businesses, the profit mostly is used to maintain the organizations aim and motives of helping the blind and the needy in the society (Pruett, 2003). The jobs created from the businesses are always given to the members or secured for the less fortunate in the society. Furthermore the organization receives donations from other bigger organizations in the country or supported by the government. 

As a volunteer, the IRS 990 tax return reviewing helped for shading light to how the funds were allocated and the way they will be managed. It was open and the budget was met and the will like to be a volunteer for the financial management was excellent. It motivated both the organizational members for their contributions were used efficiently and it is accounted for the positive effects are seen after that (Pruett, 2003).

The document only acts as a watchdog for the organization to effectively account on the way they spend and contribute. Through accounting on the financial expenditures it keeps an eye on overspending and misuses of any caliber that may be experienced by the organization. The board members easily manage or control the organizations flow or have easy time in running the organization due to already self explained procedures in the handling of properties and the work it does. The donors are satisfied with the flow for they are given information on how the organization is managed. The staff also appreciates the management of the organization are assured of how there efforts and funds are well managed (Wart, 1983).

To conclude, basing on 999 reviews the financial health of the organization is well managed and the protection of member's funds is seen through proper usage of the funds'.

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