My internship semester is one of the most memorable ones I have ever had during my studies at school. After a long period of harrowing theoretical class work it was very refreshing finally to practice and experience what does it mean to be a graphic designer. I have gained considerable experience, explored many new concepts, and faced the challenges that most graphic designers confront in the course of their work. This internship program not only improved my perception of graphic design, but also considerably enriched my practical knowledge of this field. During the internship semester I was strongly orientated on the challenges connected with working in groups and sharing ideas. I had to get used to the situations when my ideas were declined and l had to learn to accept corrections from others. Likewise, I learnt how to work under pressure, sometimes intense pressure, and always meet deadlines. This kept me very organized. Sometimes a project needed a lot of concentration and I had to do it efficiently and quickly. The photo work shop also offered many new ideas and together with other students I learnt a lot of new things.

During the internship I had to agree with a routine program. First, we talked about progress we achieved in completing projects and assessed our general advancement. Secondly, we discussed deadlines and developed new strategies to meet them. We also scrutinize everything we discussed and achieved on order to make some necessary changes and corrections. For example, we changed colours or shapes of objects in some projects.

We were assigned to complete different tasks during the internship. These included designing business cards, posters, flyers, and brochures. We also organized meetings to discuss the progress of our projects. Many assignments we were given were very challenging. Most of our work was changed by our supervisors and this was rather disheartening.

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I am convinced that the internship helped me to achieve excellent oral and written communication skills and they were extremely useful during presentations. The development of my communication skills made the internship much easier. I also gained necessary skills in using available software. It was really essential as in some cases I needed to complete some projects in Photoshop and previously I did not know how to do it and had to look for some information in the Internet.  Despite our expectations, we did not receive any training before the internship. We needed only the basic skills we had learnt during the classes. The people I worked with were always very helpful and ready to assist in everything. In addition, I got my own desk in a quite place isolated from all sorts of office noise. This provided me with the most suitable working environment as it helped me to concentrate and kept away all sorts of distraction.

The harmonious relationship with my assigned supervisor offered me the best opportunity for professional development during the entire internship period. Working with Mohammed Hassan was a great experience and it was very pleasant to realise that he was always ready to support me. He helped me to overcome every challenge and gave his opinion whenever I needed one. He always congratulated me on my accomplishments and encouraged me to produce even better results. He definitely liked the way I handled my assignments.

There is a question if I would like to continue working for the company. Although I enjoyed my experience in the company, I do not think that I should stay there. I would prefer to expand my knowledge, sharpen my skills, and probably work for a graphic design director or coordinator.

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