My goals during this initial meeting are to merge the current organization with the new competitor. Topics on social process of joining organization would be the focus. Moreover, topics on common social processes of joining an organization, which include assimilation, civilization, marginalization, and professionalism, would be given more attention. The application of these processes varies, depending on the organization and policies it adopts. Therefore, this initial meeting integrates discussion on theories of organizational processes and analyses them by justifying the importance of this theme (Blyton and Fiorito 47).  

I would take a humble, but affirmative tone during the meeting. I would say that social processes of joining an organization is important, because it presents an aspect of human psychology and the way such processes interplay in promoting the development of the entity. For instance, assimilation is the social process of absorbing different groups of people from different background to an organization. Therefore, the concept would be essential when two different ventures are forming a merger deal.

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 I would focus on negotiating techniques to avoid the discussion becoming emotional. Therefore, every participant would be given adequate time to voice his/her concern. It would make it possible for every stakeholder to feel that he/she was part of the negotiating team.

I would deal with the competitors tactics on ‘buy out’ or ‘shut down’ by emphasizing the importance of a merger arrangement to them. It implies that the application of two theories is necessary. Two theories explain how people are compelled to join  an organization, and reasons that have led to continuation of the concept in various companies (Robbins and Judge 74). They include psychological and socialization theories. For instance, psychological theory bases its argument on the experiences of different gender groups, including males and females. On the other hand, socialization theory is inclined to the cultural expectations of different groups in the organization. These theories are crucial in analyzing this concept of social processes of joining an organization.

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