I am being allocated by my employer to a new city for an assignment that will probably last two years am renting my house, a four-bedroom-two-bath Tudor to a doctor at his 30s, and who is beginning a two years residency in the local hospital. Since I will be away, I prefer in renting the house other than selling it. The doctor is single and that raises an issue as am not sure if he will take proper care of the house as I expect. Him being a doctor I do not expect much to change in my home since he should be extremely busy with his occupation.

I intend to propose four options to the doctor for him to choose one. Since the doctor is single and may not use the whole house, I propose to rent him part of the house that he will see necessary to him. I should let him choose the room he would need, like some bedroom and a bathroom while the other room that he would not use I will have to lock them and make them out of bound to him unless in emergencies and on my consultation (Richard , 2006).

Another option will be to rent the whole house to him and let him choose how to live, but should try and maintain the originality of the house as I planned it to be. Still my main concern should be adhered to, as I need the home to be properly maintained and taken proper care. This would prove to be an advantage to me, as am sure that my house will be intact as I leave and come back within the two years that I will not be around my home town (Roger &Bruce, 2011).

I also should consider the doctors likes and dislikes so all propose another offer to him. If the doctor is not comfortable with the current situation of the home, he can change it to suit his own expectation and like as long as any major change of the house all be notified and after some discussion my decision would be the final count in the matter. In the event of any breakages or destruction of property, the doctor should be willing to meet the cost. This proposal would be to the doctors’ advantage as he would live in the most comfortable nature as per his likes and dislikes.

Another proposal to the doctor is renting him an empty house if he will not be comfortable with the belongings of the house. I will move out all my house belongings and leave the empty house to the doctor to furnish it as it best fits him. All in all, the doctor should tell me what he expects from the house and how he would want it to be as he considers my options. This would prove hectic in that I will have to look for some storage facilities for two years and this will dig a little bit deeper into my pocket, and still the certainty of getting everything intact is not given.

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Since this will be more of a negotiating, I need to bargain so as to have more advantage in my side. I will create implementable agreements that will need no renegotiation. While we agree all terms and condition between us should be well spelled out so as to avoid loopholes in the future and renegotiation, as this would prove disadvantageous to me. As we are negotiating, I should hear what the doctor has in mind first before I start to put out proposals. By this, I will be able to capitalize on some key issue that I would not intend to accommodate, and make sure that am, not in the disadvantage.

Considering this negotiation, collaboration will be the only bargaining style applicable in this case. I have to collaborate with the doctor in order for both of us to get what we want and in the best manner possible. It will be best if both of us come together and collaborate at the same terms and condition to provide the best care for the home, and for the sake of both us. It would not be fair making the doctor feel subjected to some tight conditions that will restrain him in the process of his stay and, make him uncomfortable. It will also prove extremely fertile to collaborate, and sure that my home is with someone who will take proper care of it and in the best way possible. The main goal of collaboration is satisfaction of both parties and both of us, and feeling we’ve gotten what we both want. I need a person I can trust with my home, and it will only come if I collaborate with him so for him to place my interest at heart.

I have entered this negotiation with a cognitive bias, by the fact  that I have already  start judging the doctor as not well competent to take care of my house since he is single. This may affect the negotiation as throughout the negotiation my mind will not be convinced that the doctor can take proper care of my home. Through the negotiation, the doctor will have a hard time trying to convince me that he is capable of taking proper care of my home, and may also prove distressful to him. As for me, I will need a lot of convincing in order to agree with the capability of the doctor to take proper care of my home.

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