As I grew up in my Aunt’s home who lived in port-Au-prince Haiti, life was not easy because, in the family, I was the person that my aunt disliked most. This paper will explain some information about my life in the Port-Au-Prince.

In 1992, I had a terrible life experience in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. During that period, I was doing my final exams in high school. Throughout my time in Port-Au-Prince Haiti, I used to spend much of my time with my sister, but when she got pregnant, everything changed because she left to the province of Port-au-Prince where my mother lived. When my mother realized that my sister was pregnant, she always wanted my sister to be close to her in case something happened. At that time, I needed an adult who could take care of me and my mother sent me to my aunt.

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Every time when my aunt got into the house she did not treat me well at all. Some neighbors were more of a family at times, sometimes when my aunt did not want to give me any food; my neighbors fed me. A lady by the name Wislande was of big help to me, and she always fed me. When I was extremely hungry I could eat uncooked rice due to hunger. One day my aunt slapped me because I asked her why she failed to give me food. She used to cook when I left for school and by the time I return from school everything was over and I had nothing to eat. One day, she decided to cook spicy food; she put a hot pepper on food because she knew I did not like spicy food. The food was unusually hot for me, and I was unable to eat, I told my neighbors what I was going through in my aunt's house, and they were extremely furious about her. This resulted to some quarrels between the neighbors and my aunt, and she was upset. When i went to sleep that night, I noticed that my cousin whom I used to share a bed with slept in my aunt’s bed only to realize that my bed was covered with water. That night I could not sleep, and I cried loudly, my neighbor came and asked what was going on. When I went out to inform the neighbor what was happening, my aunt turned the mattress upside down, but the neighbors knew what was happening because they could see that the bed was leaking water.

In conclusion, my life experience with my aunt was terrible, but I avoid thinking about it anymore because it hurts. It does not mean that because I was a child I cannot remember all the pain and suffering that my aunt subjected me into. As a matter of fact, this problem is particularly common in Haitian family whereby when the children are not theirs they mistreat them. My advice to such people is that they should shun that immoral behavior. This is because even children can still remember the mistreatment they were subjected to and may have some implications in future.

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