The supreme law of the United States of America is its constitution. The USA constitution usually guides the American law and culture in political activities. The first writers of the US constitution composed the first constitution by incorporating some developments made recently in the constitutional theory with a lot of traditions. The work of these writers had a tremendous influence to the later writers. The US constitution has been amended some times and gets always interpreted and supplemented by a big body of the US constitution. The US constitution does not simply help every politician or citizens in the US. At times, the US constitution does not also help in the policy making in the country. This paper discusses some ways in which the United States constitutional law fails to help the citizens in the country, the politicians and the policy making in the country.

How the Constitution does not help in Policy Making

One of the main problem and how the US constitution does not help in policy making is because there is no substantial that is real at any point of view. In practice, the US constitutional law has some inconsistent. If a certain constitution gets made to change gradually with time, then what was usually seen as a constitution 10 years ago may not be constitution again some few years from now. By giving a room for the constitution’s meaning to be altered has some complications in the policy making of the country (Schwarzenbach 177). This is because the constitution becomes a little bit serious as a known way of determining what can be considered to be legally appropriate. A living constitution at times undermines its authority also. This means that in policy making, the real intent of the US constitution cannot be found at all in the words themselves. However, it can be found in the words that get interpreted at a given time and place. In the making of policies that would help run the country, these are some of the reason that would eventually see it fail to comply with the US constitution this usually makes it hard for the policy makers to trust in the constitution in making of the policies. Federalism usually protects the creation of a policy considered being nationwide. The United States do not have even a slight and single policy on issues. However, it has about fifty-one policies that usually lead to confusion (Schwarzenbach 177).

How the US constitutions has not Helped the Citizens

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By giving a chance to the US courts to make their own interpretation of what the US constitution got intended for, makes the constitution viewing fosters the judicial activism. Judicial activism gets considered to be a phenomenon that makes the judges appears like ruling outside the law. It can be argued that if the judges are being able to make interpretations of the constitution in the US, then they tend to have too much power. In effect with these, the US constitutional usually makes the Supreme Court the most authoritative in the United States. This usually removes the power of the legislature and the power of the American people. Federalism always leads to lack of proper accountability. The boundaries overlapping among the state and national government exceedingly tricky to put the blame for some failed policies. These failed policies usually make it hard for citizens to have a simpler and easier life. Some of the human rights make it extremely hard for citizens to survive (Hillsdale College Politics Faculty 54).

How the US Constitutions has not helped the Politicians

The US constitution has some amendments that do not help the politicians at all, but ends up oppressing them at times. The twenty second amendment of the US constitution makes the second term of the presidents to be lame ducks. This amendment prevents politicians long term planning and their policies too. In the codified constitution, it usually elevates the need of having unelected judges over the legislature elected (Bardes 22). This is when the Supreme Court gets given the power and mandate to make decisions of the presidential elections. The constitution provides the national government with power to undertake some actions that which are necessary to always carry out its designated powers. Every single power gets reserved to the states. However, constitutions broad language has much room left  for debate over the specific nature of the constitution and also certain powers. These powers includes the powers implied to the national government  and the powers reserved to the state. This reduces the amount of power held by the politicians, which makes them not benefit much from the constitution.


It is vivid clear that the US constitution has some effects to the modern people in the United States of America. Some of the people affected by the US constitution include the citizens and politicians. The US law also affects the policy making process in the country. One of the main reasons why the state of policy making gets done is due to misunderstanding between the former constitution and the new constitution. As seen in the essay, some of the reasons why there is some implications making policy laws is due to the inconsistent of the constitution. The US law has also seen the politicians be the blame ducks anytime they have miscommunications. The US Supreme Court has a lot of powers that makes it have effects on the lesser bodies. However, the constitutional cannot work well due to ignorance. This is where people know terribly little of their rights.

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