The Bhagavad Gita came as an answer by Krishna. It is indeed a great magnum opus contained in the great Hindu epic, Mahabharata. The text dates back the fourth and the fifth centuries BCE and as it goes it is attributed to a wise guy by the name Vyasa. It speaks of a civil war in ancient India of two sons of Kauruvas against the Pandavas sons  over an Indian Kingdom of bharata as told by the  Mahabharata. The kauruvas are blamed for cheating and stealing the claim to the kingdom by the Pandavas. Any peaceful quest that is with no war by the Pandava brother to reclaim their kingdom as alledged by them has always failed.

After all is said and done there is always infighting in between them and the Bhagavad Gita is a dialoque between Arjun the third Pandava brother, and his charioteer, Krishna. Krishna always is non-partisan allowed one side to use his army in battle, while the other side could have him as a charioteer although he would not fight himself. Arjuna desires victory to win the throne but cannot fight his relatives and turns to Krishna, his friend and spiritual advisor and asks him about soul searching, the deeper questions about life. This texts insights and philosophies are intended to reach beyond the scope of religion and to humanity at large.

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In this text there are six arishadvargas, or evils that should be avoided as instructed by the Gita. They are the retrogressive aspects that prevent a man from being liberated from birth and death cycle (moksha),  those are  lust(kama),anger (krodha), greed (lobh), deep emotional attachment (moha), arrogance (mada or ahankar) and jealousy (matsarya). These are the negative characteristics which prevent man from attaining moksha (liberation from the birth and death cycle).

Basically this text has always been a preserve traditionally to spiritual school and guru lineages who claim inheritance of the original text  that is by getting it staright from Krishna himself and keeping it original upholding the teachings. It  is one of the hardest books to interpret, which accounts for its many explanations.

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