Martin Luther was a born in November 10, 1483; to Hans and Margaretha luder in Eisleben Germany. He was an Augustinian monk and Christian theologian whose teachings greatly inspired protests and reformation that deeply influenced doctrines of protestant and other Christian churches. Luther had a great impact in the world, because he was the first person to translate and publish the bible to the commonly spoken language of the German people. This paper seeks to score the influence of Martin Luther.

Luther was important to the Renaissance because he had his own evangelical discovery with words like righteousness and penance taking new meaning, Luther now believed and taught salvation is a gift of God's grace. Received by faith and trust, in God's promise to forgive sins for the sake of his son. In 1517 Luther had a lasting impact in human history when he nailed 95 theses to the church door at Wittenberg. (Martin Luther).

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Martin Luther had a great impact on the world and this was felt especially when he posted the 95 thesis, on October 31, 1517 on a church door at Wittenberg. The theses were saying that salvation is achieved by faith only. He said all he wanted was for the church to clean up there act but the church did not want this. The church did not really mind about it and they laughed at Luther. The people did not laugh at him and to the church's surprise the people supported him, this people later came to be known as "Lutherans" because of the support for him. (Protestant reformation Martin Luther)

In 1520 Pope Leo X, ordered Luther to give up his belief; instead he decided to burn the order in front of a crowd. Luther was excommunicated in 1521 by the holy Roman Emperor and was considered an outlaw. Luther went into hiding where he wrote the bible in German, this made it possible for many to read. (Protestant reformation Martin Luther).


Martin Luther was a monk and a Christian theologist. His great teachings inspired protest and reformation. Luther was the first person to translate the bible in German. He had a great impact on the world and this was felt when he posted 95 theses on a church door at Wittenberg. He wanted the church to clean up there act but they did not. In 1520 he was ordered to give up his beliefs by Pope Leo X, but instead he burnt the order. This led to his exile and while an exile he translated the Bible in German.

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