How Steve Job’s personality affect Apple Computer Corporation

            Steve Jobs is someone who always pushes for innovation and perfection. He changes the market structure by introducing a stream gadgets that is interrelated. For instance, before the ipod software for windows, one could only use an ipod with an Apple computer.  Steve Job held a stable of executive talents that actually led the organization in good hands of expected great future.

            Other leaders should find inspiration in Steves' leadership example. They should be wise in emulating his entrepreneurial spirit as well as his seemingly understanding of what technology users really want, and his demand for quality. But seeking the type of cult standing Steves holds outside of Apple is never the CIO's recipe for achievement (Alan 2000).


How IBM got its operating system for its first personal computer and the ethical conflicts that the IBM and Microsoft had regarding the acquisition and use of the MS DOS

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            The first operating system by IBM was OS2 which was basically a command line OS. Among the leading engineers was William Henry Gates who later became the founder of microsoft after editing OS2 and came up with MS DOS. The IBM Personal Computer was not as strong as other personal computers that it used to  compete with during the time of its release. The simplest configuration existing has only 16K on the board RAM and has an audio cassette that is used in loading and saving the data. Its floppy drive being optional, and a hard drive which was not supported.
            A basic system that was used at home used attaches to an audio cassette player and a television (that meant no video monitor or floppy drives) sold for about $1,500. PC-DOS, the OS, was not found on cassette. That meant that the basic system was only capable of  only running the Microsoft programming language that were BASIC, which is made and included with each and every PC. 

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