Science is regarded as the necessary basic and initial steps in the development of technological systems and innovations which is relevant in solving the social , economical , political as well as the cultural problems and myths in the society. The focus is the clear understanding between the scientific and the technological advances that bears their principles and background in the science systems. It is therefore important to note that as much as these technological inventions are of much economic benefit to the society the underlying limitations and the negative implications that come along with these technological advances should not be underrated hence the need for their urgent and need for mitigation measures (Fuller, 2009). The focus here is the understanding of the evolutionary advances in technological systems and the derivation of the knowledge and the ideas from science systems. This therefore calls for a clear distinction between science and Technology. Technology is related to the generated and developed knowledge as well as the relevant artifacts. The relevance of the knowledge of the interaction between the science systems and the technological systems is necessary in the formulation of the relevant policies pertaining to their implementation for societal gain.

Technology is seen to have done wonderful things on earth as well as other planets beginning with the visit to the moon, it has opened up the knowledge of the genetic material commonly referred to as the DNA as well as provision of the most reliable and efficient means of communication through the internet , the fax and many others(Fuller, 2009) The question that the natural scientists ask themselves is whether the technological advancements can be a typical substitute for nature or merely an improvement on the existing natural infrastructure. I believe certainly not? According to the latest research conducted by the University of Washington, which was on the relevant interrelationships between the human personality at his natural environment and the associated technological advances, shows that those individuals who spent a lot of their time observing the beauties of nature had their rates of heartbeats slightly lower that of the other counterparts who spent most time associating themselves with the latest technological advances. Peter Khan in his speech notes that the benefits of technology as much as they are good, they cannot substitute the derived benefits from nature and its natural resources. He goes further and explains that the benefits of nature are continually being lost as more focus is now on the development and the total evolution of technology through the media technology and its associated components. He further states the changes in lifestyles where the current society is comprised of children who are majorly growing up watching the channels linked with various technological advancements like the so called Discovery channel and many others.

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In the weather focusing and the meteorogical sectors, several innovations have played a great and major role in the reduction of the avoidable errors in forecasting and weather prediction. This consists of the use of very sensitive and high detecting technological systems that including satellite use as well as the employment of the technologies of involving the use of weather instruments. Such precise predictions has been key in planning for the farming activities and practices by farmers so that they can realize the benefits of farming through good harvests. The same technology has been useful in accurate prediction of weather more especially in the tourism industry where the seasons can be told. This bears a great influence to the number of visitors leaving and entering the country more especially with the changes in the weather patterns and durations in ant country. One of the reliable techniques used in this field is that involving the use of an intelligent Detector Device (IODA) which has the various in built mechanisms that alerts the users or the operators wherever there is any fault in the system so that the fault is immediately corrected( Latour,2008). It is loaded with such computer programs that can immediately detect any but system being transmitted which may not be in line with the associated or relevant algorithm.

The advanced technological systems can even go as far as detecting the bad signal and isolate it from the signal sop that all the other operations will not be interfered with. The scientists who are credited with such technologies go ahead and advocate for their technology saying that it can be used in a wide range of areas and technologies including the transport sector as in cars, exploration of space as well as in the capture and editing of the data from radars. With this in mind the technology will enable system a well as machine operators to continue operating the machine even if there is a fault with one system or component. This has made it possible for the formulation of the disaster and risk management policies in that the faults and accidents can be detected before they actually occur either as road, space or industrial accident. It is beneficial to quality control and assurance managers when designing and performing tasks pertaining to the control and the management of product’s quality in any factory. Yet another application of the technology is the use of the economic principles in analyzing of time series data without faults and reduced errors. The validity and accuracy of any incoming data is judged from the quality of data being input so much so that if the system lack a sensor mechanism that can immediately check any errors then unnecessary information may be incorporated into the system. This calls for the need to have a detector at the incoming end of the system so that such bad information could easily be detected. Precisely speaking a complex range of multiple sensors may be incorporated in the system to detect as many irrelevant information and data as much as possible. One of the major disadvantages with the sensors is that they are designed with great levels of specificity that if they are used in other systems they can cause misleading results and the overall failure of the technological system (Asanoff, 2006).

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