My name is called SSG Songa Mohamed. I am a citizen of the United States of America (USA) with valid documents such as the driving license and the National Social Security number. I would like to send my sincere request to be unconditionally released from the Army Reserve Component. My main aim of doing this is to move a step in my military career. Being discharged of my duties in the Reserve Component will gibe me an opportunity to get enlisted in the Active Component. This was the major reason why I opted to join the army. In fact, it has been my long time dream.

I am well qualified for this enlistment because of my long time active participation in the service. Out of my 13 years in the military, I spent six in the Reserve Component. During this period, I undertook a variety of duties in different capacities. Because of a dedicated service, I was assigned to 141ST. QM. CO. Tyler, TX 22 months ago.

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Therefore, it is my pleasure to request for this enlistment because I now have over nine years of experience in the duty service. This has sharpened my skills and built me professionally. At the same time, I have the right education that is in line with the stipulated standards. Besides, I now have Military Occupation Specialties (MOS) qualifications of level three.  Lastly, I am an active person with dependants.

 If considered, I will get a chance to continue serving my beloved nation as a disciplined soldier. Moreover, it will motivate me further to continue with my role of giving my family the necessary financial support.  However, I also promise to work so hard and deliver my best for the sake of the people of America.  This is my best time to be proud of my choice. 

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