a) Water is the most basic element of any life form in the world. Every living thing requires water for its survival. Therefore, once the population is deprived of water, majority will die while those fortunate enough to survive will move to other better areas.  The population consists of consumers for goods produced by an organization. Water shortages result in low economic development as well as low agricultural production.  This shortage can be greatly attributed to climate change and global warming. Therefore, in order to manage this risk, the government should first and foremost pass laws that will regulate the level of pollution in the country. This is done to minimize global warming. Moreover, organizations need to set up water projects all over the environment they are located. This is done to ensure that water is always available to all. The organization also needs to take up the initiative to educate the public on the importance of conserving the environment. This is the only way water can be truly conserved since even if dams were built all over the country, at some point the water in them will get exhaust4d. Therefore, water conservation is a collective responsibility between the organization, the government and the population.

b) Epidemics are caused by infectious diseases that spread rapidly across a society.  Epidemics are a major cause of deaths in the world.  Epidemics can affect humans as well as their livestock and domestic animals. Not only do people die but also they get very sick. This prevents them from attending to their jobs hence businesses go down. These are the immediate outcomes of an epidemic.  The secondary effects are economic hardships as a result of loss of productivity due to disease. Some of the mitigation measures an organization can implement include promoting health education to the people as well as occasionally provide funds to support immunization programs in the locality. Moreover, all organizations should get insurance for such emergencies since they are usually abrupt and disastrous. The community makes up the work force in any organization therefore; the organization should ensure the population is safe in order to maintain the labor.

A risk entails the possibility of something happening. Around our environment we are faced by numerous risks and not all of them can be insured against. For example, everyday children have to go to school. There is them getting lost along the way, getting kidnapped or having a road accident in their school bus.  Therefore, parents need to insure their children for such an occasion. A good way to do this would be to hire someone to transport the children to school and in the case that a school bus is available; the parents ought to check that the bus is insured. This way, incase of an accident, they will be compensated.

Families are also faced by the risk of disease. A family member can get ill at any time especially the young ones. Therefore, it is important for parents to realize this and get health insurance for their children. This will be of much help when a family member is taken ill unexpectedly and the parents do not have money at hand to take them to hospital. Apart from insurance, parents and guardians need to ensure their homes are safe and hazard free. For instance, they need to ensure the drainage is well installed; they also need to have all electric cables well installed and insulated to prevent the risk of electrocution.

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Fire is also a major risk in our homes. Fire not only kills and burns people but it also results in loss of property. Therefore, in order to protect the property a family has acquired over the years, a family needs to be insured against fire. Moreover, the parents need to make sure any potential causes of fire are eliminated from their environment.  A major cause of fires in most homes is a faulty electric wire. Parents need to verify that all electric cables in the house are installed by an expert. Also, kitchen appliances as well as other electric appliances should always be switched off and kept out of children's reach.

Education is a necessity in life today. Therefore parents and guardians should ensure they insure their children's education always. Sometimes due to unfortunate circumstances parents or guardians may pass away or lose their jobs. This hampers them from funding their children education. However, by investing in an academic insurance, parents are certain that their children will get educated irrespective of whether they are still able to provide or not.

Finally, sometimes a family member may be caught up in a work related accident. Therefore, it is important to always save up for the future. This is the reason why parents should try as much as possible to eliminate any hazards that are likely to cause their families harm.

Risks are always present in our every day life. There is the risk of tripping over the stairs in your own house.  Therefore, people need to realize that risks are everywhere and risks are not biased. Calamity can strike anyone irrespective of their status in society. People always need to be cautious in all they do. Moreover, they need to be always prepared to handle whatever problems that may arise. 

In businesses, managers need to take up precautions to ensure that the business will be able to survive any predicament.  Risks are unpredictable. For example, a farmer can lose all his livestock to an epidemic at any time, therefore, it is important that they take measures to ensure they do not suffer one hundred percent losses when an epidemic hits.  This concept should be applied by all business men in the world. It is always best to insure against a risk than wait for the risk to hit first. After all it is always best to be safe than to later on regret.

It is important for everyone to analyze their environment and insure themselves against the most probable risk in their environment. This could be in form of insurance against floods, earthquakes, and fires depending on the environment.  The most dangerous way of living is living without planning for any future risks. People should be open minded and realize that prevention is better than cure. This means that it is better to prevent a calamity from happening rather than wait for it to happen. This is because, the outcome of a calamity is always more expensive than the cost of preventing the calamity from happening.

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